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Here players can apply for various development roles and admin ranks or nominate fellow players for the rank of Slicer. You can also post replies to applications whether it be to support them or voice concerns. When leaving replies, please make sure they detail examples of things that player has done, for example 'they help new players by answering questions they have about the server and even helped me when I was new.' A simple +1 or -1 is unlikely to be considered.

Applications tend to be approved or denied in groups, often every couple of months. However, in specific circumstances, the turnaround on them can be much quicker. Ultimately the decision on applications and nominations come down to myself and Cryptite but we do listen and consider all feedback left on threads.

To nominate a player for the rank of Slicer, simply click on the 'Slicer Nominations' forum above and then hit 'Post New Thread.' Now set the title of your post to 'player name' for Slicer. (e.g. Magpieman for Slicer) and write a brief description as to why you feel they deserve the rank.

To apply for any server role or admin rank, open the 'Staff Applications' forum above and post a new thread. Set the title to 'player name' for 'rank/role' (e.g. Magpieman for Guardian) and write your application in the post. The more detail you provide and the better written the application, the better chance you will have. Please follow the template found in the thread detailing the requirements and expectations of the rank you are applying for.
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