A custom server, built from the ground up to deliver an experience you won't find anywhere else. Just about everything you thought you looked for in a Minecraft server is on Loka. Discover why Loka is the place you should call home.


Forge your path and make your story legend


Claim land throughout Loka. Establish your Dominance. Loka features a unique and powerful Territory System that lets you show how powerful you and your friends can be... Will your town become the Capital of Loka?


Towns with Progression

From the outset of beginning your town, your every action is tracked and nearly all that you do contributes to your town's level. Earn Perks and unlock Industries as your town levels up and show the world why your town is the best.

Towns Guide

Top-Notch PVP

From ELO-Rated Arenas to our Battlegrounds that feature a unique Talent Set, Loka's PvP is an all-encompassing set of games guaranteed to keep you constantly improving and proving your worth to Loka!

PvP Guide

But waitLoka gets even better

  • Custom Market System

    Nearly everything on Loka is legitimately obtained. What you see on the Market was worked hard for. Our custom Market makes buying and selling easy and fun. Prove your skill at Marketing and dominate the sales!

    Rich Lore

    Since the founding of the server, Lokans have been no strangers to evil, catastrophe, and mystery. Characters both good and evil have shaped Loka into what it is today. Some players have even chosen to participate and have their roles locked in lore for eternity.

    Rare Resources

    The continents of Loka have their own resources that cannot be grown elsewhere. Trade is a matter of requirement, not convenience on Loka!

  • Semi-Vanilla

    While we do host a large sum of custom content and features, our core gameplay is vanilla. If you know your Minecraft well, you will thrive on Loka.

    No Chest Protection

    Hide your chests or keep them protected. An open chest is an invite to an empty chest.

    Evolving Features

    Loka adds new features all the time. We strive never to let the experience on Loka become stale. Stay tuned to updates and watch the server evolve!