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Save The Trees


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The seventh-generation had arrived, Valentia ravaged through the Birch Forests and the Forests of Ascalon. The animals fled or were turned into lifeless beings by the Covenant. The landscape had never looked so bare. The surroundings consisted of tree ashes and crushed flowers.

I have never seen the murderous look in someone's eyes. I watched The Covenant slay and burn everything to the ground. In the past couple of months, they have ruined people's homes and their livelihoods. The land had become inhabitable. Resources were nowhere. When you walk into the forests of Ascalon, all you can see now is the bloodshed and the fallen.

Until The Covenant disbands, all of Ascalon is in grave danger.

Please, someone, stop The Covenant.

Save The Trees...

Please Note: This is a remake of my old book Protect The Trees which is less grim.


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Braces YOU are the ONLY hope. YOU are the LORAX!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE :maggers::sentry::sentry::maggers::maggers: