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Daviq Permamute Appeal

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New Member
I am deeply sorry for my foolish actions and behavior on the in-game public chat of Loka. I understand that speaking in different languages and "linking" text with inappropriate words such as "f*ck" is not acceptable in the Loka community, and rightfully so. I sincerely apologize for what I've previously done, I did it just to get quick laugh out of it, but now I'm clearly no longer laughing. It's been months since I've been able to speak to other players and interact with new people, which makes me very sad. I've 100% learned from my mistake. I ask you, the staff team, to please consider unmuting me. I promise that I will no longer repeat the things I've said.


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+1 Daviq has shown he's changed and matured over these few months of being muted and got muted for being foolish in public. Free Daviq!


Staff member
Old One
We are happy to lift the mute as the original chat offences were not super offensive and just continued breaches of our chat rules. Please be careful going forward as you will not receive the same level of leniency and warnings as before.
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