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Bats' Horses


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Bats' Horses!
Proud to announce the opening of a brand new location in Auru!



With the launch of this new location, I am posting here to announce prices and services offered by my business in Auru. All horses are treated humanely in my stable
All animals' stats are held to a high standard or else I would not feel comfortable selling them to my customers. Due to inflation, prices have had to be raised from what some have been paying in order to allow me to turn a profit, all prices have been listed below, however, if you have specific requests for color or higher standards of required stats, I will attempt to fill your request, though likely for a higher cost.

Horses purchased individually can be guaranteed to have stats or 13 blocks per second speed, 3.5 block jump height
Mules purchased individually can be guaranteed to have stats of 12 blocks per second speed, 3 block jump height
These numbers are what I can guarantee but I will always attempt to get you the best animal I can provide, I cannot guarantee health stats of any animals.
Furthermore, animals when purchased in bulk may have stats slightly below my standard for individuals, but I again will attempt to get you the best animals possible, and any that obviously do not meet standards will not be sold. "Conquest Horses" mentioned below are available for purchase, they will not be tested for stats except to make sure they are of a decent speed. The horses I use to breed these are incredibly fast but do not have good jump stats, and as a result I will not guarantee stats of conquest horses. Consequently, their prices are lower.

Listed Prices here apply to both horses and mules, however, I cannot accommodate stat requests on mules beyond my normal standard:

Individual Horse or Mule including saddle: 5 cores
Bulk purchase of Horses and/or Mules including saddles(4+): 4 cores a piece

Individual Horse or Mule w/o saddle: 3 cores
Bulk purchase of Horses and/or Mules w/o saddles(4+): 2 cores a piece

Conquest Horse with saddle: 3 1/2 cores(3 cores and 4 clusters)
Conquest Horse w/o saddle:2 cores

***Any individuals that fight against Auru(IN THE MOOR) or attempt to control the moor, including all those who participate in any individual reins fights against Auru(IN THE MOOR) will be permanently barred from purchasing horses at any of my locations in Loka***