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  1. MasonMcBadbat

    Yuletide 2020 Appreciation Post

    The key there is to go left. Always left. You’ll eventually reach the end of most mazes without getting turned around or frustrated. Good music helps too
  2. MasonMcBadbat

    Suggestion piglin stonks

    I actually love the spirit behind the idea. Supporting NPC factions through donations/objectives in hopes the side you helped wins out is a mechanic I’d love to get into
  3. MasonMcBadbat

    Yuletide 2020 Appreciation Post

    Haven't played through the questline yet? Don't read this! Spoilers ahead.
  4. MasonMcBadbat

    McDanky Ban Appeal

    -1 -Known rebel. -Built a nuke in Dong Dank and forgot where he put it. -Enjoys sand.
  5. MasonMcBadbat

    Castalina for Lore Dev

    +1. One of those apps where I’m suprised the person doesn’t already have the position in question. High passion for the subject and certified cool person!
  6. MasonMcBadbat

    The Southern Horns Series

    Dear Cast, I wrote you but you still ain't callin' I left my vuln, my cords and my discord at the bottom.
  7. MasonMcBadbat

    MsDanky for Slicer

    +1 One of the coolest of cats
  8. MasonMcBadbat

    Add one sentence V2!

    The fuzzy boy had been saving his shards for years.
  9. MasonMcBadbat

    Territory Colors

    Howdy, I'm not big on all the towns in an alliance using the same color on the map. Each continent feels much less lively to look at and anyone who needs clarification on who is allied to who can just check in-game. You also get a feel for which alliances are more centralized/same "culture"...
  10. MasonMcBadbat

    Improving Town FPS

    Dong Dank sits on a tile with lots of history. With all those previous owners come walls of empty chests, abandoned side projects and defunct redstone contraptions buried underground. The average FPS in the city takes a hit from all the clutter. I've been making passes to improve in-city...
  11. MasonMcBadbat

    Disturbedmoskito for pve dev

    High recommend. One of the best picks for PVE team out there +1
  12. MasonMcBadbat

    September Conquest Update

    Big fan! Love the step towards tile improvements
  13. MasonMcBadbat

    Consider Implementing Loka UHC

    How about a one-off UHC event?
  14. MasonMcBadbat

    Suggestion Bulk buying from market? Add the ability to put those items into shulkers automatically

    I found that it made a fun little dynamic where someone would put up a great deal and when we all caught word we'd rush there and back with invins of the stuff like a race
  15. MasonMcBadbat

    Suggestion Crossbow Buff

    This might be an opportunity to have the crossbow fill a different role.
  16. MasonMcBadbat

    Iwasnotthere for Sentry

    YEA SON +1
  17. MasonMcBadbat

    Xlan for Sentry

    +1 what a nice cereal box
  18. MasonMcBadbat

    Thanius' Very Good Construction Inc.

    High chances DD/Sandsete will be big customers. I'll take a look around at what we might need!