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  1. SuperCuber218

    I can play on Loka for 1 day...

    Hello everyone, My name is SuperCuber218. I have a big and good new to say. The Tuesday August 21st 2018, I can play on Loka from 1:00 PM EST to 5 PM EST. Hope you'll be on Loka!!!
  2. SuperCuber218

    Leaving Loka

    Hello everyone, Today, I'm leaving Loka. Why am I leaving? : Because my don't want I play games anymore. Where will go all my mending stuff? : I gave my mending stuff to 5 players: Aggressive_Gibon, Mrpisquallie, Iwasnotthere, _Adzy and Sparky__. Why these players? : Because there was very...
  3. SuperCuber218

    My opinion...

    Hello everyone. Today, I'm posting this thread because I want to remember something. It will be about my opinion of the result of the next promotion. For the moment, I have create a list of players. I think these players will be promoted. Take like note : I'm evaluating with the number of...
  4. SuperCuber218

    ModernMozart1787 for Slicer

    Very nice people to talk and kind. He can be a good Slicer.
  5. SuperCuber218

    SuperCuber218 for Sentry

    Age : 12. I don't care about my age. The important is the description. Current Rank : Slicer Which rank you are applying for : Sentry What do you think is excepted of this rank : Sentry is a very important rank because this is a step to evaluate you if you can be Guardian or not. Sentry is a...
  6. SuperCuber218

    Rejected Dj4dou abuse Elytra glitch

    Dj4dou did to fly with Elytra in his alliance town. When he did, me and masterflexo saw Stop and he didn't stop and continuing abuse.
  7. SuperCuber218

    masterflexo for Slicer

    He's very helpful and kind. He's very active. It's been a year since he played Loka. When someone is breaking the rule, he says all the time he cannot do this. But if the player isn't listening him, he reports all time. masterflexo wants Loka gets better and better. I Think he will be a good...