Towns on Loka

The Best Townbuilding Minecraft has to offer!

Grab two other friends, find a nice place to call home, neutralize that region's Territory Generator, then begin your town!

Unique, powerful, fun town building

Towns have a tangible power source, its Territory Generator. Neutralizing one of these starts the town creation process. Once a town is created the hexagonal region surrounding the generator will become block-protected.

Each Minecraft day, the generator consumes Power Shards in order to stay running. In order to ensure your town protection stays up, you must deposit Power Shards into the generator's chest. This adds to the town's balance and keeps things running smoothly!

To obtain Power Shards. you must go to the ore exchange. This device will convert Iron/Gold/Diamonds/Emeralds/Lapis Lazuli into Power Shards so that your mining trips can be fruitful for your town as well as your stores/vendors.

Town Zoning

Loka grants you the ability to, as your town levels up, create up to 5 different levels of Zones throughout your town. Zones allow specific permissions to different parts of your town based on member levels. Recruiting that new guy that just joined the server? Give him access only to Level 1 Zones around your town until he proves his worth.

Zones are just one of the many granular controls you have over your town. You shouldn't be punished for recruiting players, you should have the safety protocols in place to let your town grow and be as secure or as open as you want!

Zoning helps further define your town's areas.

Town Mastery

The more categories you level up, the quicker your town level will increase.

Town Mastery

Once you join a town, everything you do is tracked by Loka's Mastery System. From building to mining, farming to redstone mechanics, brewing to enchanting and blacksmithing. Taking part in Loka's PvP Systems counts too, and so does cooking, fighting monsters, and even selling at the Market. All of these things count towards individual levels in your town.

Each mastery category contributes to your town's overall level and as your town levels up, you earn perks!

Town Perks

As your town levels up through the contribution of your members, it unlocks perks that make life easier in and out of town. Check out what's in store for the future of your town!.

Level Name Description
2 Experienced I Experienced gained by town members increased by 10%
3 Health I Passive regeneration that grants an extra half heart.
4 Well Fed I Town members lose hunger 25% slower while in town.
5 Becoming a Village Town owners can now create zones for owners/sub-owners.
6 Alliance Worthy Your town may now create and join Alliances.
7 Protected I You now take 50% less damage from monsters while in town.
8 Combat Ready I Town members receive 10% extra prowess.
9 Miner's fervour While in town, you gain haste I
10 Becoming a Town Towns owners can create zones for level 1 and 2 members.
11 Experienced II Experienced gained by town members increased by 25%
12 Healthy II Passive regeneration grants an extra full heart.
13 Well Fed II Town members lose hunger 50% slower while in town.
14 Combat Ready II Town members receive 25% extra prowess.
15 Becoming a City Town owners can now create zones for level 3 members.
16 Improved Infrastructure I Roads built with a layer of cobblestone beneath will grant speed I in town.
17 Protected II Your town may now toggle monster spawning within the town.
18 Experienced III Experienced gained by town members increased by 50%
19 Light on Their Feet Town members take no fall damage while in town.
20 Becoming a Metropolis Town owners can now create zones for level 4 (Lords) members.
21 Fully Fed Town members lose no hunger while in town.
22 Pearlescent Ender pearls thrown in town are not consumed.
23 Town Chest Town members can now summon a town chest.
24 ---- Town perk coming soon!
25 ---- Town perk coming soon!

Not enough for you?How about Industries?

An industry will produce more things for less or cheaper.

Town Industries

As your town continues to gain levels in each of the 18 Mastery Categories, your town's power in that area grows. Once you reach level 20 in any gathering mastery category, you unlock that mastery's Industry. For artisan masteries you much reach level 40 before unlocking the corresponding Industry

An Industry is a special building that can be placed in your town that excels at its specific craft. Your town can have only one Industry Building per category, but as you level the mastery the storage and durability loss of the Industry improves!

Every 3 hours Industries will generate materials. The materials you receive are based on location and amount of territory generators.

Available Industries

  • Lumber Mill

    A Lumber mill uses axes to generate logs. The logs generated matter on what biomes your territories are placed.


    Mines consumes pickaxes to generate ores and minerals.


    The Arcanum grants access three level 30 enchants. Additionally, lapis is automatically provided.

  • Barn

    The barn processes contained animals and their relevant food to output the animals' products.


    The digsite consumes shovels and outputs common ground blocks like dirt & gravel.


    While consuming swords, the dungeon provides towns with a steady supply of mob drops and enhanced bottles of enchanting.

  • Windmill

    The windmill is used to gather crops while consuming hoes. The crops gathered are dependent on the biomes of the territories you control.


    The barracks is used to provide food to town guards. If the barracks' food stockpile runs out your guards will slowly abandon their posts.

    Airship Tower

    Used in conjunction with the capital airline policy, the airship tower spawns an airship that transports passengers to Spawn.

Town Features

  • Private Town Chat

    Keep town-specific discussion and strategies out of the public eye. Each town has its own private town chat acessible with /t.

    Locked Doors

    You can lock doors in your town, but unlike popular plugins, doors do not stay forever locked. Remember to lock the door on the way out or the thieves might visit.

    Town Portal

    Grant quick access from your Town to Spawn and back. Town Portals can be moved at any time!

  • Town Jobs

    Town owners have the ability to create town jobs using the feature-rich job system. Fund your town with gathering jobs, or lead your members on fun expeditions with travel jobs. Set prerequisites, payouts, descriptions, and more. Jobs are limited only to your imagination!

    Personal Discord

    Towns are automatically given their own text and voice channel on Loka's Discord server. The text channel is synced with your private town chat, allowing you and your members to communicate even if you're not all online.


There is always strength in numbers. Forge alliances with other towns and grow your strength. Alliances feature an alliance chat and the ability to build Embassies to trade items between towns over distances.

Choose your allies carefully. In the Game of Loka, there is always strength in numbers.