Territorial Warfare on a Worldwide Scale

The battle for Territories on Loka is a fierce one, combining tactical prowess with long-term planning and gritty World PvP skill. Claim territories, fight to defend them, and become the strongest town or Alliance. The victor at the end of the month becomes Capital of Loka.

Territory Power

Territory Strength

Territory strength is a numerical representation of a Town's prowess in Conquest. Strength rises and falls as Conquest battles are won and lost. At the end of the month strength is what determines Continent and World Capitals.

Territory Buildings

Territory Generator

The Territory Generator is the most important building in the game. These are the nodes that generate and extend territories for your Town and Alliance. Defending and Destroying these is key to winning the war.

Each Territory Generator protects the hexagonal region it's within. Any blocks broken by enemies in your territory will break, but will not drop their respective blocks. In time, these broken blocks will also regenerate.

Territory Generators are the bread and butter of Territories

Inhibitors are what start the fights.


In order to neutralize a Territory Generator and make it vulnerable to a siege, you must activate an Inhibitor pad. After activating the pad, the Inhibitor's structure will form and begin the process of the siege. After 15 or 60 minutes, depending on whether the defending territory is already claimed, the Inhibitor will come online.

Once an Inhibitor goes online, the real battle begins. Check out the Warfare section to learn how Territory Combat works.


Much like the Inhibitor, a Beacon allows for quick-travel via knife technology to various points in Loka depending on the state of your Territories. Each town can spawn in a beacon within town protection.

When it is peace-time, Beacons have no use. However, if your town has an active Inhibitor online, the Beacon can be used to transport players to that Inhibitor, allowing for reinforcements during a fight. If your town has a Territory Generator under attack, the Beacon will take you to the sieged Territory Generator.

Beacons allow for reinforcements


You may construct one of six Modules on each face of the Territory Generator that will aid in its defense. These tactical addons can help you defend your Territories at the cost of resources if you lack the numbers to thwart an attack.

  • TnT Module

    TNT modules fire Primed TNT that will devastate nearby enemies.

    Buff Module

    Buff modules increase the health of Power Sources, slowing down enemies from Overloading them in order to access the Generator's Core.

    Weakness Module

    All enemies within the area are debuffed with Weakness, causing their attacks against Protectors to be weaker and slowing down the attack overall.

  • Laser Module

    Laser modules shoot a beam of energy at the closest attacker, dealing ramping damage even if the module doesn't have a direct line-of-sight.

    Slowness Module

    All enemies within the area are debuffed with Slowness, preventing them from moving quickly which makes them easy targets for Protectors and players.

    Spectral Module

    All players within the area are given a colored spectral effect, illuminating them through blocks and making it easier to differentiate between friend and foe.



Territorial Warfare is the ultimate conflict on Loka. Battles rage and grudges held for ages are finally erupting with Territories. You have a tangible way to enact your punishment on those whom you wish to see fall. Will you control the world, join the powerful, or aid the weak?

When an Inhibitor goes online, Protectors will spawn in order to defend both the Inhibitor and the Territory Generator. Killing these Protectors gives you a 10 second buff called Charged which you can use to overload a Power Source by standing next to it. If you destroy the all the Power Sources of an Inhibitor, it will be destroyed and the attack will be successfully repelled.

Destroying all 4 Power Sources on a Territory Generator will open its Core to attack. Step inside and attack the core. Once you've mastered its defenses, striking down the core will destroy the Territory Generator's core room in explosive beauty. If the attacked Territory Generator borders your own territory then the Territory Generator will now be controlled by your town/alliance.

Capitals of Loka

Capitals of Loka

On the last Sunday of every month, Territory Strength is tabulated and the three Towns with the most strength on their continent became Capital of their respective continent. The Town with the most strength overall becomes World Capital of Loka. If an Alliance wins, the leader of that Alliance will become the Capital.

Upon becoming Capital of your continent, you get to implement a number of Continent Policies that affect only your continent. In addition to a number of Continent Policies, the World Capital is also able to choose a World Policy that affects the entirety of Loka.

Will you be a benevolent Capital or a malicious one?

Continent Policies

Enacted by continent's Capital once every month, these policies' effects are limited to the continent.

Name Description
Hell on Loka Nether monsters can now spawn on your continent and players allied with the Capital can now use Nether Portals
Greater Taxation Increases your tax rate from 5% to 10%
Embargo Embargoes the animal native to your Continent. Only you and your allies may harvest meat from it.
Capital Airline An airship at Spawn will now take any player to and from your town.
Advanced Radars Radars will now tell you exactly which players they've detected.

World Policies

Enacted by the World Capital of Loka once every month, these global policies affect the entirety of Loka.

Name Description
Tax Override Intercept continental Taxes. Your town now collects taxes from all towns on Loka. Other Continental Capitals no longer collect their own.
Home Networking You and your Allies may use the portal of any Territory Generator you own at any time to return to spawn.