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Orbs are the premium currency on Loka. With them you can purchase the various content below.

Orbs are unique to you, and cannot be traded. You can view your Orbs in-game with /profile at any time

Additionally, through various means like voting and winning Frodii's Fishing Tournament, you can slowly earn Orbs in-game just by playing!

Orb Fragment

500 Orbs
A Perfect starting set!

Orb Nugget

1,100 Orbs
100 Orbs Free (10% extra!)

Orb Chunk

3,000 Orbs
500 Orbs Free (20% extra!)

Orb Cluster

6,500 Orbs
1500 Orbs Free (30% extra!)

Cart o' Orbs

14,000 Orbs
4000 Orbs Free (40% extra!)

Decorative Heads

Add an entire extra dimension of detail to your builds by purchasing our Decorative Blocks!

These blocks help your town look even better and can be placed anywhere.

Some Decorative Blocks can actually act as a light source, giving your town the ability to light things up without having to resort to ugly blocks or torches!

Access the list of blocks to choose from in-game with /profile

Lore Scrolls

Inscribe the history of your item into its lore permanently. Add that savory bit of flavor text to your history sword that you've always wanted!

When you apply a Lore Scroll to an item only you can change the item's lore again.!

Scrolls can be applied to Diamond Weapons and Bows for 400 orbs a piece in-game. All other items can be scrolled for 150 orbs. Visit the Library to buy them!

Stat Tracking Tools

The Ultimate in Tracking Technology, Stat Tracking on your tools gives you the ability to track a load of stats on your tools! With /link you can brag about your kills, diamonds mined, and much more!

Any stat on any tool you imbue with Stat Tracking is bound to your Account, meaning your stats travel with you and aren't reliant on saving the tool forever!

Supported Tools
The following tools can be imbued with Stat Tracking

Become a Lokan Subscriber

Show your ultimate support for Loka and earn access to amazing perks so long as you remain one!

Perks for Subscribers only last as long as you stay a Subscriber. Your support of Loka helps pay for Marketing to keep new players rolling in.

500 Orbs a Month

Supporter Title!

2 Exclusive Player Effects

Player Effects

Exclusive Effects on your player!

Banner of Conquest

Banner of Conquest

Your Conquest stats have been tracked already, become a Subscriber to see what they are and show them off!

Infinite Pearling in Spawn!

2 Exclusive Pets!

Adorable Pets

Tiny pets that will follow you around, sometimes hopping while doing so!

Jump Pads at Spawn!

Placeable Jump Pads

Plop your own Jump Pads down at spawn! Everybody gets to use em; how fun!

Exclusive Battle Helm!

Battle Helm

Regardless of what helm you're actually wearing, in Battle and Spawn, other players see this helm!

Exclusive Kill Message

Custom Kill Message

Show this unique Kill Message when you slay a player with a Named Sword!

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