Valley of the Artifacts

Capture and Hold the Artifacts!

Nestled in a hidden valley lie three Artifacts, a feat unheard of in any other world ever discovered by Lokans. Active Artifacts were always limited to one per world. What makes this valley so unique?

Capture and Hold the three Artifacts to earn points. The first team to 100 wins the game!

Valley of the Artifacts

Game Type: Capture and Hold

Match Size: 2v2 - 6v6

Win Conditions: First to 100 points


Choose from among three separate Artifacts to try to hold. By standing underneath them, Artifacts will slowly tick towards your team's control. Once your team captures an Artifact, it generates points for your team. The more Artifacts you hold, the quicker your team will get to 100 and win!

Tip: The more teammates that stand under an Artifact, the faster it will be captured or neutralized!

More Info

There are three Artifacts, Hidden, Middle, and Lower. Most games of VotA start with an exhilirating team fight for control of the Middle Artifact. You must choose whether it's tactically superior to hold 2 or try to go for the three-cap!

In the event of a tie (100-100) at the end, VotA will go into sudden-death mode, at which the first team to tick more points than the other will win.