Player vs Player

Talent-based Battlegrounds, Arenas, World PvP; we have it all!

Enjoy the balance of a Kit-PvP Arena system? How about the thrill of a bigger battleground with a unique talent system? Just like to murder people in the wild? Read on to learn more about our exceptional PvP systems.


Custom Talent Trees

Loka has a unique, talent-tree system that is combined with our Battlegrounds that push your standard minigame-style battleground beyond the normal limits of Minecraft PvP. Loka's Talent Trees feature offense, defense, and utility trees, each with strengths and weakness. Our talents add an incredible level of depth to battlegrounds.

Take a look at our Talent Calculator below and see what your talent tree could look like. Talents can be picked in-game by typing /talents

Talent Calculator
Portfolio Item

Unique Talents bring depth to our Battlegrounds


Fantastic Battlegrounds

Loka hosts a number of excellent Battlegrounds pitting varying numbers of players against each other. Our battlegrounds feature varying gamemodes, from capture and hold to a town vs town resource race. Dive into our Battlegrounds to learn about them individually!

Valley of the Artifacts
Capture and Hold
Maelstrom (Coming Soon!)
Capture The Flag
Vale of Conquest
Town vs Town Resource Race