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Yuletide 2020 Appreciation Post


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Haven't played through the questline yet? Don't read this! Spoilers ahead.

Hey, this was
All of it.
I don't think there was a single part of it I didn't like.

Builds? Off the chart as usual. Detailed. Subtle. Directly related to the gameplay.

Dialogue? Brought pixel-people to life. Interesting characters interacting in interesting ways. That's hard and you did it!

The CONCEPTS? Lemmie tell you.

The amount of distinct, self contained, and
really fun forms of gameplay in this questline.

Super Sumo Slam? Snowball time-trials? Sneaky instancing integrated? You're already reaching Spooktober questline levels.

And it keeps going.

How does one just think up those minecart puzzles? The classic elements drawn from the first dungeon in Skyrim. The emotional spike from the big baddie. The professor Oak-styled reward at the finale.

Not to mention this whole thing ALSO rolls out a competitive racing scene.

All of these were fantastic decisions and this might be the best questline I've run through in my 7ish(?) years of mineman. If you helped put this together I'd like to thank you. You did an awesome job.


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Have to agree. Despite the bugs, this Yuletide content was great and fixed in less than a day too, very speedy :maggers:


Personally, as someone who has no recordable amount of logic...

I would rather be locked up in Edgewind for another month, rather than do some of the logic puzzles again