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What do you think should intro experience look like?


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Our overall feeling isn't how we teach players, because most players are unwilling to be taught anything until it suits their interests.
This is exactly why you should have quests seperate from the intro experience that are completely optional and focused more on singular concepts. It's impossible to have a short intro that covers all of the concepts of Loka. A brief overview, some long term objectives, and further info for those who want to pursue it on their own time.


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The ideas that have come about from this thread are all great. I'm really loving almost all of them, and think they should all get implemented. However, before they do- I want to outline the problems that I see within these suggestions. I think it's important to make sure that the intro is done right the first time, and doesn't have to get redone later.

First, the Intro course itself. You cannot overwhelm people when they first join the server. For a lot of people that I've talked to, everything is so briefly covered, and there is so much- the intro almost Gives too much info. I think that conquest should be stressed, but make it very basic- and the other aspects of loka need to be talked about more.

Second, camps/new players v. Old players. One big problem is that no one wants for new players to make their own towns, and most new players just log off because of this, especially if no one recruits them. This will become even more of an issue with camps. With the new radars especially. If a new player goes and makes a camp inside of someone else's tile, what will the owner of the tile do? Kill them. Over and over. Non-stop. So either A. Make them invulnerable if they're new and made a camp. Or B. Prevent this in some way. Not sure how, but something needs to be done about the killing of new players because it is ridiculous and no one stays around. This is not 2b2t spawn, it's Loka where everyone should have the ability to create a town at the very least.

Third, the fact that this server has heavy lore, building, survival, questing, somewhat MCMMO, and some redstone should be stressed. I think that a lot of people would join Loka if these topics were properly put as a focus of the server, and it would make the server look much cooler. Right now, we only get PVPers, but, in the future I could see people coming to Loka just for the things I mentioned above.

If I came off as a bit direct in that, that's what I wanted to do. I think that there are some huge problems that need to get addressed before changes are made. I think that this all needs heavy testing and changes before final implementation. A development update/open PTS server would also be nice to have, to see all intro course changes as they're made, give feedback, etc.