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Wester Fruit Tournament Island


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While I've been locked up, I've been making a bunch of progress towards my "final frontier" of Loka. This Thread is gonna be my way to share the progress of my tournament island without spoiling the surprises.
August - September 2020
After some late-night talking with the boys, I decided I wanted to convert my large island to a tournament island. I wanted it to have an arena on it and all the rest of my town moved to it as well, similar to how New Fruit is. In the last few days of August, I asked the MAIN MAN @McDanky if he'd be willing to build an arena for it. After some pricing, we came to an agreement and some sort of consensus over the basics over this next month.

Here are some of the basic sketches I had at this point.

October 2020
I knew the island would be a pain to build on at this grade, so I made the decision to level it completely. I spent hours of my free time in between school and sports for two weeks just to get done with the largest chunk of the build. I was honestly exhausted from mining and I have no idea how Jib did it.
At this point, I was lucky to have enough money to spare to pay Lufer and his friends to COMPLETELY LEVEL THE ISLAND. (See pictures for scale)

This island is gigantic and took well over 10 beacon movements just to get enough range to cover it.


Within two days, the entire island was flat.


This picture to me is just absurd to look at especially with the T-Gen for scale.
Anyone in the PvE call with me at the time remembers how excited I was to get this part finished in that amount of time thanks to Lufer & Co.

November & December 2020
After a break from Halloween quests, I sat down and decided to make some more professional sketches than just a snipping tool of the island with red scribbles.
The main goal of the island was to look up to the arena sitting on top of a hill. To give it a sense of importance to anyone who saw it. I knew from the terrain beforehand and towns prior that building on a slope doesn't look good compared to something planted on a flat piece of ground. Because of this, I decided to terrace the island into 4-6 tiers with concave cliff faces as the vertical part. I wanted the look of turf hanging off the top of a piece of raw, eroded away stone. This is to make space for stalls and other things still in the works. Here are the first two designs that I made. the first being on paint and the second being imported into world painter.

idfk.pngfirst worldpainter sketch.png
End of December 2020
And like all good stories, just as stuff starts to get good, YOU GET BANNED FOR DUPING.
I do want to apologize to McDanky and the rest of Sandsete for raising my price for the arena using duped blocks to get it quicker, along with everyone else I mildly to majorly screwed over. I hope I can redeem myself in the upcoming months.

I wanna give a special thank you to the following people so far:
Sandsete Build Team:
The arena looks ten times better than I ever expected!
Please give me a list of names of people involved so I can make sure to thank you all individually when this project is done.
Southern Valyria: The only people who trust me enough to loan me money for an arena after getting freshly banned for mishandling of money ilu jm5 <3
The Wester Fruit Build Team: Thanks for the work so far and the work over the next 3 months left.
Lufer & Co: absolute mining chads

January has a TON of stuff waiting to be posted to this thread along with all the progress made this past week. As I get further and further, I'll slowly catch everyone up.​
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January 2021
This month was where things really started to take off for the tournament.
first dynmap sketch.png2-6-21 dynmap.png
Island Planning
I've had the image in my mind of arriving at the tournament and looking up a collection of cliff faces towards the huge arena on top. Everything from here on out has been planned to complement the arena and funnel attention towards it. The screenshots above are of my dynmap on the build server showing a basic path layout on the left, and the "finished" one on the right.

Here's a picture of the island "finished" on the build server with a pretty good shot of the outside of the fruit bowl.
The flat parts are going to be used for stalls, decorations, and minigames!
I started building the island in late January and into February.​
February 2021
Most of this month was collecting materials and getting back on my feet after my ban. In between conquest, I worked on getting the right schematic and an accurate materials list made for both the island and the arena. Yet again, thank you to all of the donators to the arena!​
Voting for Events
voting results.PNG
Winners were Sumo (31) and Dodgeball (26).
Others were:
Boat Racing (16)
Axe 1v1 (8)
Waterbow (lmao 5)
Duping 1v1 (first in my heart)
Thanks for Submitting your votes on such short notice!

Next up is March and the arena reveal!​