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Wester Fruit Stall at Noobville II


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Wester Fruit Warehouse
Mystery Shulkers
I'm returning with more shulkers and better prizes!
18 Shulkers for 16 Diamond Blocks each
Limit 1 Per Player
Shulkers will be given out after the tournament
and randomized to ensure fairness.

(You will have 48 hours to pick up your shulker in
case you can't get it after the tournament.)

noobville 2v2 prizes.png
Adopt A Head
In the new "Fruit Bowl" arena, plenty of heads are scattered about.
Instead of me placing @LostProperty and @lilfros heads like pizza toppings,
You can have your or someone else's head placed as decoration
for a petty 6 Diamond Blocks per head

Storage Wars
Behind this glass wall, a box will be filled with various valuables.
Without seeing what items are inside storage containers, item frames, etc,
Players will place bids for ownership of everything inside.
Bidding starts as soon as the event portal opens.
(The actual stall will have the items visible.)

(You must submit 75% of your bid to prevent false bidding.
All losing bidders will have 3 days to collect their deposits.)