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Vinovia/SilentStormSix For Sentry V2

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Well-Known Member
Community Rep
Age: 14

Current Rank: Slicer

Which rank are you applying for: Sentry

What do you think is expected of this rank: Sentries deal with every player. When there is an argument you have to see all sides, seeing as all problems are different in each way, we should be approaching it with an unbiased mind. Sentries should know the rules of Loka and understand when a situation gets out of hand and be able to stop it peacefully. Sentries should be able to listen to both sides and figure out what is wrong in the situation and how to solve it.

Why you think you should become this rank: The reason why I think I deserve to be a Sentry is because of what I know on the server. I know how players are normally, I know how people are, I'm very approachable and friendly towards everyone, have a great understanding of the rules and help new players out a lot.

When you started playing on the server: July 10th, 2018
Time zone: CST
How often do you play: maybe 12 hours a week, times may vary
spooky season application lets GO
Not open for further replies.