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vela second ban appeal :)

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Username: veladaze
Length of Ban: I received a permanent ban from LokaMC
Reason for ban: Cheating to gain an unfair advantage a in Conquest Fight
Reference: Video + Staff over-watching

Why should I be unbanned:

I want to properly apologize to the LokaMC staff and community for my previous actions of last year (October 2020). I was permanently banned from the server for using a hacked client to gain an unfair advantage in a Conquest Fight. While I knew it was wrong and unfair, I didn't realize the severity of my actions and how seriously it was taken on the server. I'm not trying to justify my actions, and I want to take full responsibility for them. It's been around 6 months since my ban and I truly feel that enough time has passed and I've been off the server for a long enough time. I really wish to return to Loka to play with all my friends and my town again and have fun in fights once again. I have been watching my friends play during the day and it really does make me upset that I can't join them.

Like I said, I want to take full responsibility for my actions. While I know there are many cheaters and lots of appeals to go through, I really hope to stand out and am hoping for a second chance on the server again. When I was banned, I didn't realize until one of my friends had mentioned it to me and at first, I didn't really care because when I toggled, there were many people on the opposing side being very toxic so I was irritated, which led me to cheat. But after many months passed and my friends were having fun on the server, it really made me realize that I did miss the server and it was very fun to spend my time on there and participating in Conquest Fights.

With all that being said, I understand that you may not be able to lift my punishment at this time. However, I truly do feel that I deserve a second chance. Thank you.


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+1 i feel like veladaze has learned his lesson and really feels like coming back to loka! i doubt he will hack again


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While this was your first offence it was a serious one, hence the permaban. However, it is a well-written appeal, which shows you care and you were fairly new to the server when you were originally banned. With a little help from others ;) you have resisted the temptation to try and bypass the ban and as a result of this, we are willing to lift your ban and allow you back onto Loka. As with all unbans, please ensure you stick closely to our rules as you will be on warning moving forward. I wish you luck in future conquest fights.
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