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Unmute Appeal

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Good Evening Gentlemen,

I am writing this unmute appeal because I like talking on Loka and I have been muted for a very long time. I believe this has been enough time for me to learn my lesson and I hope you have it in your hearts to unmute me.

Thank you!


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I've known RSM for a couple of months now and he is quite a disciplined and kind person, hence me being sort of surprised hearing that he has been perma muted for over a year, I sincerely believe that however he was in the past that he has changed as he is actually a very kind person



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We appreciate your desire to be unmuted but unfortunately, our stance on this has not changed. It's still only been just over 6 months since you were originally muted and the severity of your last 2 offences are one of the reasons we are so cautious to unmute you. We have also been informed of your conduct in external discords and you appear to display the same characteristics that resulted in your original mute.
Not open for further replies.