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The Seven Great Wonders of the Lokan World

What do you think is the greatest wonder of the Lokan world?

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The Seven Great Wonders of the Lokan World

Introducing the Seven Great Wonders of the Lokan World, as determined by myself. Submitted for your approval. You can stop looking around, nobody asked, but here is my seven ranked choices for Loka's Great Wonders, from #1. Review them yourself, vote for your best out of them all, let me know what I missed, and share your own seven!

#1 Sandsete
Sandsete zooms in at the top of the list for a number of reasons, the ambience and style are unique to only their town. What was once widely thought to be a sleeping town by many residents of Garama, has clearly proven they are in fact wide awake. Their bold use of red against the backdrop of the desert and bordering savannah biomes makes this library shine in a welcome way and brings a little class and civility to an otherwise wild continent.

#2 The Clock Tower at Pax

The ruins of Pax are not just good for loot bundles. This towering clock tower in the freezing tundra of Kalros boasts a tower high above the spruce trees that will surely stand for time to come. This remains a personal favorite and earns the number two spot with ease for its incredible depth of detail and unique scale that is hard to find in a lot of builds.

#3 Tartooine (Tartarus)
I know I am going to take a lot of flak for this one being number three and not number one...but no great wonder list would be complete without including the majestic and beautiful Joby the Hut. This big chonker weighs in at weight that is so massive it is still being calculated (People still keep falling and getting eaten). Not to mention its narrow squeeze into a hole devoid of over 12 million stone blocks. Who has the time for this?!

#4 Silverhand's Spire

Nestled within the roofed forest of Kalros, this massive structure stands so tall, that even when standing atop the walls of its crater one still has to lookup to get a complete view of the build (I'm told this was intentional). The longtime capital of Kalros and home of the religion of Cryptism certainly proved they were not only good at winning, but good at building too. Insert shade about everyone building underground bunkers to do conquest here.

#5 Valentia's Town Hall
I recently visited Valentia to see what was happening, because seriously what do they do in Valentia? Turns out quite a lot. Being smack dab in the middle of the forests of Ascalon gives them the time and seclusion they need to build something truly beautiful. The significant use of dark oak and spruce wood in the town may give some indication of Iblis and Covenant's alliance was really all about...

#6 The Cathedral at Eldritch

Skuhoo said if I didn't put him in here I would be kicked from the alliance...The longtime capital of Ascalon, except for that one, no two times (oops), has stood proudly over the Sunset Isles for almost longer than any town has been alive on Loka. Eldritch is currently undergoing renovations to expand their city, but the cathedral is a permanent fixture that doesn't look like it has aged a day.
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#7 The Modern City of Hilo
I couldn't not include Hilo on this list, because honestly there is nothing else remotely like it. An entire underground modern city in the moors of Kalros. Who would have thought it was possible? On Kalros all roads lead to Hilo, that is if someone ever wakes up Opyc to get some road crews out there...I would highly recommend getting a tour of this place sooner rather than later.
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