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The Sandsete Library! (How you can help)


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Hello Lokans,
I am writing this today to ask for support from the community. Recently, DisturbedMoskito and I, mostly Moskito, built a mega build for our town, Sandsete (pictures below). This will be our grand library. With our exterior complete we realized something... we don't have the resource for this. That is why we are asking for some help from the community. We will be grinding hard as much as we can to obtain the resources needed. With the help of the server, we will be able to complete this much faster. We love a good challenge and that's why we are taking on this project. If you're not interested, disregard this post, but if you are, please consider donating any amount of blocks. Every single one counts!

The list of blocks goes as follows (roughly):
Birch: 1288 stripped birch logs, 1811 birch planks, 1237 birch slabs, 1276 birch stairs, 624 birch trapdoor, 663 birch fence, 917 birch fence gate
Sand: 8944 sandstone, 3747 cut sandstone, 3780 sandstone stairs, 2246 sandstone slab, 831 chiseled sandstone
Smooth Sand: 1227 smooth sand, 1339 smooth sandstone stairs, 894 smooth sandstone slab
Other: 585 red nether brick slab, 280 red nether brick stairs, 454 lantern oof, 466 white stained glass + other stuff.

Join us in this project, we are stronger together. Glory to Sandsete and Go Forth!

Message me on discord if you're interested in donating! McDanky#9610

The Library Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/OsywJqe

EDIT: Donate more than two stacks of materials and get your name on the "Wall of Contributors" in the library
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