The Major Accomplishments of Loka

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    Um... Made a dank town in the ruins of another dank town
    Held a sweet brewing festival which failed but it's k because it was a cool non pvp event (coming soon to a town near you)
    Became a slicer
    Wrote a dank journal
    Made a lot of friends
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    Apparently, it's been one year...where has the time gone?

    I suppose I should thank 10-months-ago me for starting this thread, and it seemed only fitting for me to update it once again. So here is my, Wizardteepot's/Tee Alduin's, year of Loka in review:

    Auru is one of the only towns with a guild system, as I quickly came to learn, and each rank (gained with prestige) had it's own unique perks. With that said, I quickly went from the Rank I ("Those with Potential") to a Rank 2 ("Aurulian Citizen"). This gave me access to many of the guilds, the first of which I applied to being the Historian's Guild. At the time, I thought it would just be a nice writing outlet for short stories for me to share...and boy was I wrong. GHT is now over 90 pages, the longest "novel" I've written to date, and it's definitely not ending any time soon! Here, I received the title of Chronicler, as I promised to actually date and order all of the events of Loka, seen in Lokan History Abridged, but more on that later!

    I further climbed up the ranking system, become a Rank III ("Knight") and a Rank IV ("Lord") somewhere in this time period.

    Shortly thereafter, I witnessed the unfortunate split of Auru and Draekonfell, a sad but seemingly necessary split. With many Aurulians gone, and the guilds leaderless, I was placed in charge of the Alchemy Guild, and became known as Auru's Head Alchemist or Auru's Mad Scientist.

    Due to the split of activity, I saw the fall of Draekonfell, Arvik, and Asmund as a whole. This left Auru in a dark time as many of it's allies had basically disappeared on it. I stuck by Jed's side, and we pushed through together.

    Around this time, I became really involved with GHT, my personal lore story, and Lokan Lore in general, so I decided to try my hand at Loka's Librarian title. It took awhile, but I managed to grab that, and Angler, on the same day, so that was cool.

    Now, this is where the timeline gets really be fair, it was a full year, and I didn't take any notes to help me out with this :p

    -I eventually became a subowner of Auru, and Jed has asked me several times, to take the town over completely.
    -Speaking of Jed, we got married in game (quite the wedding! GHT chapter coming out soon about that one!) and also started dating irl,
    -Based on my own evaluations of the pros and cons, along with some serious input from other Subowners and Lords, Auru decided to join Iblis, the powerhouse of the North (at the time).
    -I think I got Slicer at this point as well. Then we had an Advertisement and quickly became a Sentry. I think this was at the about 5 or 6 month marker for me.
    -Got #Rekt by KC.
    -Tried for Guardian (Rip, so close)
    -Started learning how to code Java and Minecraft plugins. (Confusing as hell, but extremely fun and satisfying!)
    -Kept Auru alive through several dips of inactivity. Nearly single-handedly funded the town and revitalized it to an extent, made lots of pots, and have given many people, both friend and foe, lots of gifts that would make their lives easier.
    -Been called a bot, or having some kind of macro for introducing people too fast, on several occasions...I promise, I type really fast...
    -Made lots of allies and enemies...but even more friends!

    Thank you, Loka: this one year has meant a lot for me. It's brought me out of several pits of depression, and I owe it that. Sure, certain things about conquest have made the game just as stressful as real life, but I'm glad to know, that at the end of the day, we have an amazing community where we can all grow and teach each other: from building in game and coding, to learning to write lore outside of the game...Loka has accomplished something special, and it shall be a memory for quite some time to come (I'm not leaving or anything, by the way! Don't panic ^-^).

    Speaking about not leaving, this may just be the first year...but let there be many more to come. Here's to you guys, for giving this nerd a home.


    Tee Alduin
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