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Closed The First New Fruitopian Tournament


New Fruitopia I
Nov. 14th 3pm EST (1v1)

The chance of becoming loka's champion is coming up. I will be hosting the tournament at the freshly constructed New Fruitopian Arena (photos below). The tournament will be taking place Nov. 14th Sat. at 3pm EST. It will be a Pot PvP 1v1 tournament. I am encouraging all people to come and participate.



The entry fee will be 5 diamond blocks. To enter the tournament please message me on discord at lilfros#0001 or FroggyFruit#0356. It will be first come first server there is 32 slots available. All competitors are required to bring there own potions. Please bring me your shulkers at least 2 days before the tournament. Each match will be a best of 3.

- No Debuff Potions or Tipped Arrows
- No bows with infinity (32 arrows max per round)
-No Crossbows
- No Firestones
- No Enderpearls
- No Thorns
- You may only repair/replace armor between fights
- Fights will not be repeated because of lag or dc'ing
- Max of 16 shulkers of pots
-No KB swords
-No Turtle Pots

First Place:
- 1 Lored Maxed Sword
- 1 Named set
- 20 Diamond Blocks
- 1 Beacon
- 64 Iron Blocks
- 64 Ancient Ingots
- 1 Lored Item
- And a chance to dethrone Mr. Xlan of Champion

Second Place:
- 1 Max Sword
- 1 Max Set
- 10 Diamond Blocks
- 32 Iron Blocks
- 32 Ancient Ingots

Third Place:
-1 Max Sword
-1 Max Set
-5 Diamond Blocks
-16 Iron Blocks
-16 Ancient Ingots

2. TheFreshLemon

3. Lytei
4. TryH4rdd
6. LedAtom
7. 36s
8. Casperistrash
9. ExplodingBull
10. Wemb
11. Lurnn
12. Decially
13. BobbyRavioli
14. Perds_
15. Bfloca
16. W4SH
17. UghBraces

18. Luferistrash
19. zNetx_SC
20. NihilIsDead
21. NeverSleep312
22. xMenta
23. xDaniFx
24. zVxpe_SC
25. Clrmegne
26. Nationalistic
27. Mentider
28. X_Cavator1
29. Obstinance
30. Danday

31. SilentStormSix
32. Marioistrash

I have 8 stalls available and they will cost 20 diamond blocks per.
Please message me on discord at lilfros#0001 if you are interested.
I am willing to make more if they get filled quickly.

1. FroggyFruit
2. SigmaFlash
3. adawee
4. DisturbedMoskito
5. Evil_X

Any other questions you can dm me on discord or in game at lilfros#0001 or FroggyFruit#0356.
Thank you and good luck to all!
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Player hosted tournaments are easily one of the greatest things about Loka. Always love the atmosphere and will very much be looking forward to this one. Loving the little rafts.

Better be some good stalls, I need to spend some shards for... uh tax reasons...


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cant wait to be destroyed first round, but I have to be in atleast one of these!


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Hey have you heard of the Edgewind Lottery? I mean erm oh cool, i like pvp tournament yes yes