The Anthem of Kalros

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    Kalros is a place unlike any other. It is a place where the magnificent landscape reflects the love of it's people unto itself, a place where past, present, and future can be molded into the visible form and admired by all of Loka. It is a place where enemies become friends, brought together by a mutual care for their homeland and dedication to the great North.

    Mairosa captures the spirit of Kalros through this song, dedicated to her parents and all others who have and will call the North their home. She shared this with me shortly before the fall of Caeldris, and my hopes is she will be immortalized in time, if not by the Artifact, by her music. For Mairosa! For Kalros!

    Preface by Jedoi Avalos-Talongon

    The Anthem of Kalros

    Song by Mairosa Istalri
    Dedicated to my Mother, Father, and the People of Kalros.

    A cry entwined with a cold winter breeze
    O're a land taken by an eternal freeze
    A place, O a place, where few dare to go.
    A land, O a land, enchanted by snow.

    Our home, O our home, brave Kalros shall always be.
    From her snow capped mountains, to her frozen sea.
    Stand tall, our Kalros, as the night draws nigh.
    Watched o're by the Ancients, forever on high.

    When the song of war sweeps o're her land
    The northern people take arms and stand
    Sworn to defend her until the very last
    Protecting her future, guarding her past

    United under an icy sky
    In the shadows of the mountains high
    Those who call her home will march forth
    To defend the glory of the north

    The peace we feel, the lights in the sky
    The hardships we face, in battles we die
    Never shall Kalros succumb to the freeze
    Hear the cry of the fallen on the winter breeze
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    Exquisite work, Jedoi!
    Although it speaks of ice and cold, it certainly warmed my heart.
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