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Sir_Gother official send-off


First off, I am not leaving for only one reason, but rather many, smaller issues that have caused me to abandon this server. The primary reason of my announcement of leaving the server is I have more important things to do instead of be trolled in game. Over the 6+ years of experience on this server, I've been repeatedly trolled, abused, just about universally hated, (Thanks Skuhoo...) among many other experiences I'd rather not remember. Hell, writing this, I'm feeling depressed just to be influenced by everyone here. I've found better things to worry about, like a life outside a computer, a Jeep I have many plans for, and a nice, relaxing life. I just turned eighteen, and I actually want to forget my teenage years, thanks to everyone here. Adding on to my decision, I have bettered myself, which is on the contrary to many people here, or so I've seen on the Forums. The person who guided me to this server, Gabrosen, ghosted me IRL and on Discord multiple times, and screwed my family and I out of an excess of $1,000 of items for himself, and ghosted me the first time in 2017, which I gave him a second chance in mid-2018, which he blew the next day, after telling me he works in Arizona, when he was seventeen at the time, and he came to his door the same week he said that to me, and slammed the door in my face so he didn't have to deal with me. This was the turning point of my relation with this server. I came on once every two months, three months, over a year at one point, just to find this server going deeper into anarchy. I played for ten minutes, after which, I haven't played since. I had a temporary leave notice on the Covenant Discord server in 2016, which I left for six months, and came back, seeing the server falling into shambles. Sure, everyone who can play virtually everyday are well known, I've been known for all the wrong reasons, which I can confirm in some cases. I've been known to lash out, once to a secret Permaban by Magpieman, in which Gabrosen helped me for one last time. I wanted to make an official announcement as to my whereabouts, and to show the atrocities that happened to me, NovaZephyr, and many other members who have come and gone. There are two people I would like to thank for making this journey a little bit more bearable: Adzy, and Jedoi, as they understood what I went through, my internal fears, thoughts, and anxiety living with Autism. Instead of making fun of me, they sympathised for me, and I am truly grateful for these two people. As a final request, I'd like my old Berserker Sword and Armour set donated to the Lokan Museum, as a tribute to fallen members, as a symbol of gratitude of what make Loka, simply put, Loka. Thank you for years of friends, foes, and overall, a good time. Safe travels, in game, and in real life,

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I hope you continue to weigh both the good and the bad of your times here. Loka leaves a lasting memory for a lot of people and I hope you can take solace in more of the better ones than the bad.

Good luck out there Sir_Gother and if you should decide to stop back around to see how it's going, know that we always leave The Artifact on for all.

Go forth.
El shaddai, el shaddai,
El-elyon na adonia,
Age to age you're still the same,
By the power of the name.
El shaddai, el shaddai,
Erkamka na adonai,
We will praise and lift you high,
El shaddai.