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SilentStormSix for PvE dev

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Age: 14
Curent Rank: Sentry
What role you are applying for: PvE
Why you think you should become this role: Why you think you should become this role: I'm going to keep it fairly simple and say that I want to help the server make enjoyable content for the players. And add to a current lack of things for people to do besides the endless grind and fighting.
When you started playing on the server: July 10, 2018
Timezone: CST
How often do you play: Maybe a few hours per day
Favorite NPC: Dhanri 1608060728156.png
Example of a quest you would write if you were accepted: I would want to add more depth to the recall stone quest (if that thing even works or exists anymore), and maybe add more quests or dialogue for the npcs at spawn that just idle there every single day.


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+1 I've seen Storm take a lot of interest in this sort of thing. It would suit him very well, and I can see him making some very cool content!
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