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Rolling back a couple Nomad Fights from the weekend.


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Wanted to give everybody a heads up that we are going to be rolling back 2 nomad fights from the weekend that are currently dislinking the Covenant territories on Ascalon. I'm making a public post about it just to explain why so it's not some subtle territory change without context.

We understand rollbacks are not pleasant and nobody wants them to happen but there was, unfortunately, a perfect storm of complete miscommunications breakdowns that lead to possibility of those fights. For starters, the way Nomad Fights currently work against town territories is completely wrong from how it's meant to be.

According to this post, these fights are meant to act as (keyword) normal fights. What this means is that only Nomads and the defending town/alliance are meant to be able to participate. Not the whole world.

Earlier in the month, there were several Nomad fights that were also used as a means to simply neutralize territories with no intents of making real town(s). There was a discussion amongst LCRS and a couple other players that resulted in a mid-month Conquest Rules change that prevented players from other continents from participating in these fights. This was the change I made, but for some reason which frankly I don't even remember anymore, I never made an official announcement anywhere about it. At best I told the 4 or 5 people online that morning about the change.

This change was also supposed to include mechanics to prevent non-nomads showing up to nomad fights vs territories for the attacking side. This was agreed between us and the LCR's but due to a miscommunication which led to this post did not get implemented. Unfortunately, while this post was the intended change it was incorrectly not implemented and therefore wrong. The intent is still to implement this change as the LCRs and us have agreed on it, but it was not the actual change made, which furthered the confusion.

This complete breakdown of communication led to confusion about how the system was mean to be working and as a result, frankly, all the cheesy nomad fights that were had just to undo territories should not have been possible (or should have allowed only nomads to attack). Because of this and the delicate nature that is strength, we have agreed to rollback two territories back to Wester Fruitopia's ownership.

In short this is entirely our fault and we did a bad job keeping the community updated on what we were actually doing. We apologize for this and get that it sucks, but plans are already in place to fix these issues ahead of the future Camps feature which will solve some of these nomad issues in general.

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