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PvE Role

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Being a PvE developer for Loka gives you the ability to create official server quests and various other content, from unique mobs, to custom items. The role involves story writing, balancing, (rewards, mob drops, difficulty etc.) creating unique experiences and maintaining continuity within Loka. It is important that people with this role are able to compromise and work with others. We have very high standards as a server, and as a result will often need to tweak and change content you create to make sure it fits with everything on Loka, and most importantly, is balanced. Despite this, there is a lot of creative freedom as a PvE developer, much like the Builder role. Members of this role are awarded the Storyteller title.

  • Have created jobs at spawn or in town using the servers job plugin.
  • Ideally have played on the server for a while and a trusted member.
  • Desirable skills (not compulsory) include, experience with MythicMobs, designing quests, making player skins and creating custom items.
  • Spend at least 5 hours working on PvE content each week.
  • Must not disclose projects you are working on, or future features that have not been announced yet.
Application Template

Current rank:
Which role you are applying for:
Why you think you should become this role:
When you started playing on the server:
Time zone:
How often do you play (hours a day/week):

Favourite NPC on Loka:
Example of a quest you would write if you were accepted:

* You may format 'example of a quest' however you wish. This should include npc's, dialogue, quest mechanics etc. It can use existing or new npc's and job mechanics. Can follow on from existing quests and lore or be something completely different. Be as creative as you like, the more detail and depth the better.

** If relevant, you can also include a player skin you have made, a concept for a custom item or a mythic mob you have designed or created.
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