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Loka was fun for me while it lasted. I'm sorry to anyone that I annoyed or hurt. I didn't mean to be like that but I was going overboard at times, and it's pretty obvious how many people enjoy the server less because of me. I've had alot of fun and made alot of new friends over this year, and I can honestly say its the most fun I've had in MC. Good luck to Archer in his future conquests. Fighting him has been the reason I've stayed on loka for this long. He's the only good, really solid community leader I've seen in clan wars and was constantly outmatching me at every turn. There was a skill gap, but not in combat, but quality of leadership and planning. Best of luck to WF, and to my fellow RP members. Gonna return to my towny origins and finally actually go to college!

GL and HF. See you on DB!
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Cov is bad
and Accordo threw
Had to keep this friendly
Or I would go too.

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