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Official Update Thread

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Town Tasks
Always have a place to see what to do next, aka MORE LOKA EXPERIENCE™

It's not uncommon for players who start know towns to be like "wut". The addition of Town Tasks is the first major salvo of "New Player Experience" updates meant to help guide new players on the server. While starting a town is still a pretty overwhelming experience (something we have plans to address), Town Tasks will help new players understand what they should be doing next.

This system will be continually added on to, much like additional new Tips and Tricks as you play the server. Examples of Town Tasks that we have so far include:
  • Rename your town​
  • Build a barn/industry​
  • Low Balance​
  • Town Inactive​
The idea is to continue to suggest things to do for Towns like Take Territory, Add Void Storage, etc. If you have suggestions for any of these don't hesitate to /report them or contact me/mag/an LCR.

TnT is back!
Mostly just in towns though.

Exploding TnT freely in your towns is now possible again. They will drop blocks and chain-react as they ought to. However, each TnT exploded will not damage any blocks in town that you otherwise would not have permissions to break because of zoning, etc. Barrier Block particles show up wherever a block was saved from exploding,

And Other Stuff
  • Many Void Storage Fixes aka fix players stuck viewing chests
    • Storage Chests will now sort their contents when you close the chest/change pages. Before, they would only do so when you opened them, leading to the "Loading Ender Pearl" page.
    • We believe this was one of, if not the cause of players getting stuck "viewing the chest".
    • Overall this should lead to less time waiting for VS to do stuff. If a chest is sorting, it will block opening the chest so nobody can get it "stuck open". Typically this is extremely rare except in cases of "heavy storage chests" which contain a lot of data (books, player heads, etc).
    • We still do have the sorting bug overall, but we hope there will no longer be any cases of players stuck viewing chests.
  • The requirements to Becoming a Nomad have changed:
    • Previously, it was simply 14d since your first login to the server, so that was dumb. Lots of players who join, leave, come back in a year are suddenly Nomads.
    • Now, only players with 20 hours played on Loka will become Nomads.
  • Variety of Quest fixes (thanks to DisturbedMoskito for acting as a Quest Tester these days).
  • Removing a town from an Alliance now has a confirmation step.
  • Banners are now valuable (stealable/breakable) blocks. (Had the data wrong and was checking banner items not blocks)
  • A secret feature that may not yet have been discovered
Ok go forth!
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The September Conquest Update is now live, but with some caveats:

The following features are Not Yet Implemented. These will trickle in over the following days; mostly we needed prioritize Rivina and ensure people were starting to accrue their Conquest Points.
  • Managing the 10 players that can go to a Rivina Fight is currently simply the first 10 players to register to warp.
    • Once the "roster" of 10 players is registered, no further players can go to the fight, regardless of DCs, etc.
    • The real plan is to have a management GUI for both capped Rivina Fights as well as Reins, but is still being developed so that it is sexy, like the new /g a perm.
  • The changes to Attacking Inhib Modules are not in yet.
  • Some of the Radar Modules do not work yet, but nobody should be able to build a radar for at least about 24 hours.
  • Spending CP on Industry Runs is not available yet, and will likely be one of the last updates to go in.
There are some additional changes that have become part of the update, but weren't on the original post (have been added to it though):
  • Golem Protectors now have a chance to do their Teleport Strike automatically to enemies within 30 blocks.
    • This used to only happen as a result of being hit with an arrow.
    • Protectors will prioritize running at nearby targets first, but if they can't find anybody close, they gonna start warpin' at ya.
    • Good luck.
  • Radars cannot be deleted once placed.
  • When a TGen with a Radar is neutralized, the Radar will become "inert", rather than be destroyed like before. It can be attacked, but its module (if any) will not work.
  • When a TGen with a Radar is captured, the new owner automatically inherits the Radar.
  • These changes are all to prevent cheese involving deleting radars, releasing territories etc to prevent others from getting its upkeep.
We will be polishing, fixing, and adding remaining features for this update in the coming days, so stay tuned and..................

Go Forth!


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More September update catchups:

Inhib Module Updates

The New Module changes are all in. Inhib modules are no longer destroyed once 2 lamps go down, but rather their abilities get weaker over time. Overall, what happened was the 4-lamp version was buffed, 2nd/3rd lamp versions are about what they used to be and the 1-lamp versions are obviously much weaker.

Pearl Bomb
  • 4 Lamps: 15% chance on landing to spawn an Endermite bomb. Explodes for 8 hearts of damage.
  • 3 Lamps: 10% chance on landing to spawn an Endermite bomb. Explodes for 7.5 hearts of damage.
  • 2 Lamps:10% chance on landing to spawn an Endermite bomb. Explodes for 6.5 hearts of damage.
  • 1 Lamp: 5% chance on landing to spawn an Endermite bomb. Explodes for 5.5 hearts of damage.

Hasty Assault
NEW: Players who die with Rallying Restoration drop a a healing area on the ground for 1 min that only affects your side.
  • 4 Lamps: Gain Rallying Restoration for 180 seconds. Heal zone heals 2 hearts per second.
  • 3 Lamps: Gain Rallying Restoration for 150 seconds. Heal zone heals 1.5 hearts per second.
  • 2 Lamps: Gain Rallying Restoration for 120 seconds. Heal zone heals 1.5 hearts per second.
  • 1 Lamp: Gain Rallying Restoration for 90 seconds. Heal zone heals 1 hearts per second.

Golem Override
NEW: Killing one Golem no longer reactivates all 4 TG modules. Each golem has a sibling on the TGen (both west lamps, east, etc). You must kill each Inhib golem to activate each of your defending TG modules.
  • 4 Lamps: Golems have 300% health
  • 3 Lamps: Golems have 200% health
  • 2 Lamps: Golems have 200% health
  • 1 Lamp: Golems have 100% health

  • 4 Lamps: Charge lasts 35s, Thick Skinned lasts 75 seconds.
  • 3 Lamps: Charge Lasts 30s, Thick Skinned lasts 60 seconds
  • 2 Lamps: Charge Lasts 25s, Thick Skinned lasts 45 seconds
  • 1 Lamp: Charge Lasts 20s, Thick Skinned lasts 30 seconds

Chain Reaction
  • 4 Lamps: 1 golem stunned for 20 seconds
  • 3 Lamps: 1 golem stunned for 15 seconds
  • 2 Lamps:1 golem stunned for 10 seconds
  • 1 Lamp: 1 golem stunned for 5 seconds

NEW: Shield Wall
Shields now block most Conquest Damage and fully prevents knockback. You must still generally be pointing towards the source of the damage.
  • 4 Lamps: Shields block 100% generator damage.
  • 3 Lamps: Shields block 80% generator damage.
  • 2 Lamps: Shields block 60% generator damage.
  • 1 Lamp: Shields block 40% generator damage.
TGen Module Updates/Misc
  • The Slow Module "pool" now debuffs for 15 seconds (up from 8s)
  • Spectral now highlights ALL attackers when there are 5 or less players left on the attacking team.
    • Go hunting!
  • Golems will perform a Vicious Attack (if they have that module) when randomly teleporting to enemies, not just when hit by arrows.
  • All Modded-Radar Golems are by default "Buffed" with 250% health.
  • Alliances now own biomes.
  • In the same vein, Alliances now (visually) own territories.
    • Territories are still technically owned by Towns for the purposes of management, industries, etc.
    • However, the Map will now reflect alliance ownership better. The color of territories is decided by the Alliance Leader.
Go Forth!
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Minor bug catchup. Our update to 1.16.3 is blocked by a couple plugins that we need updated before we can. Provided they update soonish, we'll just wait and try to time the 1.16 update to the beginning of next Month so it doesn't blow up anything late in this month's Conquest cycle. Currently just fortifying and fixing the myriad of tiny, annoying, but important bugs that are scattered about.

So, mostly just a small bug catchup (mostly in fix order):
  • Voting for Loka on minecraft-mp.com should now work again.
  • Hopper minecarts now totally don't work
    • "Because Minecraft", they kill servers so we can't currently afford to have em on.
  • Fixed nobody being able to put flowers in flowerpots in towns.
  • Golem Override fixes/changes:
    • The length of time GO disables TGen modules is half of the attacker warp cooldown, rather than just a straight 5m.
    • If an Inhibitor Golem's sister tgen module is missing/destroyed, it will no longer spawn in as Empowered.
  • Added Kill Streaks to Conquest Fights (up to Pentakill, and with achievements!)
  • Fixed a bug where protected resources wouldn't drop for you in your own town, even though you/a player placed it. It's only natural blocks (think natural spruce trees) that should convert to Oak in your town if you break them.
  • The Wither King, Horseman, and Ruins Ghosts have all returned in various forms. Basically fixed that whole plugin's config issues.
  • You can now visit your TGen NPC if you're a Collective Leader (leader of a town not in an alliance, or alliance leader) in order to spend Conquest Points on Industry Buffs
  • Similar to right-clicking heads to see what they are, players (who cannot edit item frames) can now right-click Item Frames to see a link of the item they're holding.
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Potions of Nullifying
Get thee un-debuffed
In order to counter the unbalanced nature of the new Crossbow Debuff meta, we have introduced a new Potion to Loka, the Potion of Nullifying. We dislike straight-up turning off Minecraft Features in order to balance things when what is more needed is counterplay. These potions do two things:
  • Immediately purge all active debuffs.​
  • Grant Debuff Resistance (immunity) for a period of time from player debuffs. This will not make you immune to things like Slow Mods, etc.​
Unfortunately, due to some Minecraft restrictions, until some time after 1.16, it is not possible to brew these new potions. Instead they are craftable. The Recipes for both the Drinkable and Splash variants can be found in /rb. They require similar ingredients to normal potion brewing, and their unique ingredient requires Red or Brown Mushrooms.

While the potions have a fixed 4m duration (There's actually a 1.5m base version but because no brewing, ain't nobody gon' make that), we have the ability to modify their duration if we need to and all new/old potions will work with the new duration if it changes, regardless of whether it still says "4:00" in the tooltip.

Meanwhile, in Stat Track Land
  • Using an item that is Stat Tracked to another player will no longer break the stats, resetting them to 0 and other oddities.
  • NEW: You can now Shift-Right-Click on Mereth (the ST NPC) to restore any lost ST, including from other players.
    • Several ST'd items over time have borked in various ways, visiting Mereth will let you restore the ST lore, regardless of who owns it.
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Mostly just been fixing the notable Conquest Bugs of late. Thanks to all who came out last night to help test warps and warp timers.

Beyond hopefully fixing those issues, we have made a change to how Elytra Flight is disabled. As you all know, you can get stuck in some weird states when your ability to fly is removed; hopefully these changes fix that:
  • When your flight is disabled, the durability of your equipped Elytra will be set to 0 and will have the text Disabled appended for clarity.
  • Whenever you unequip/remove/whatever your Disabled Elytra, it'll reenable with its original durability.
  • This the only way to tell your client that you cannot fly which is more consistent with what we want.
  • As part of this update, we also smoothed out being dropped out of the sky. Pretty much as soon as you hit the ground you should be able run around again rather than having a guaranteed 10s of weird movement effects and the like.
  • Due to this being kinda risky, what with playing with durability and all, if you're able to break this somehow or something bad happens, /report please!
  • /g chest should hopefully be all better now too


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Just a version update, really

We're officially 1.16.3 now! There isn't too much to talk about with this update as it is merely a version update. The vast majority of 1.16 Nether Content will not be available and will come at a later date. That said, anything naturally craftable in 1.16 should be available just fine like chains, etc.

Note that OptiFine is out with a stable release for 1.16.3: https://optifine.net/downloads

As always with major patch updates, things might be a little wonky here and there so be sure to use /report to let us know if anything is broken/weird.

Go Forth!


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Announcing Loka Guides and Guide Chat
Spread your knowledge of the server in a specific channel for learning!
With the influx of new players of late, and with the desire to acquire new players in the future, we decided we needed a focused, specific place for players to be able to ask and answer questions about the server. Public chat is frankly the wrong place for it. As a result, we have introduced a new channel, the Guide Channel. Along with this, we wanted there to be a new kind of helper on Loka that could serve as the educators and bastions of knowledge about the server to help answer questions for players. These are the new Lokan Guides!

Lokan Guides are players who meet the minimum requirements below. They can toggle their Guide status on by visiting Askil in the Library. Upon doing so they will have special decoration in the Guide Channel so that it is clear who's speaking from a point of knowledge.

The requirements of becoming a Lokan Guide are the following:
  • 200 or more hours played on Loka​
  • Completed all 3 Continental Discovery Achievements​
    • Discover Garama​
    • Discover Kalros​
    • Discover Ascalon​
  • Have a linked Discord account.
If you meet these requirements you can become a guide if you want to.

A NOTE ABOUT THIS CHANNEL: Guide Chat is going to be our strictest-monitored chat channel. It's meant to be a place of learning and genuine help about the server. There are way too many people straight up lying about how Loka works in public chat and it confuses players. Admins have the ability to mute players from speaking in Guide Chat and will do so if we see any off-topic chat, misinformation, trolling, or other behavior that doesn't only serve to help educate players who genuinely wish to know more about Loka.

Guide Chat is opt-in for most existing players. New players out of the Intro Course and players minimal hours played will be entered into Guide Chat automatically, but can leave it at any time.

Revamped Chat and Channel Colors
Mojang gave us hexcodes, so we gon' use em.

All channels except for Public Chat have received a color overhaul. We want to stray away from the hypersatured colors of Ye Olde Minecraft because, they're butts. Not only are these new colors meant to help reduced color complexity in chats but they're also easier on the eyes and, of course, they add to the uniqueness of the Lokan Experience!

Changed colors are obvious and self-explanatory, but with the introduction Guide Chat, we are now making some uncomfortable changes to commands so that "Things Make Sense":
  • /ch is now a GUI for viewing/toggling/switching channels.
    • You can use this to opt-in to Guide Chat if you wish!​
  • Guide Chat is now /g
    • This makes sense!​
    • This did not make sense unless you were on Loka over 5 years ago, as /g was for /generator which was how "Things Worked Back Then"
    • The fact that town commands weren't /town have confused a great many people over the ages.
    • Not /t, that's the same thing as before, /t to send a one-off chat to your town chat.
  • Intro Chat is now /i
    • Not /h for help.
Understandably this whole update will be jarring for awhile but it simply the right move for the future of the server. The colors will help distinguish Loka from other servers, they're nicer (after you get used to them), and we will continue to adjust colors around Loka as needed to stray away from limitations of the old 16 colors.

Go Forth!
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Nether's Eve Questline!
Our most advanced Questing to date

Nether's Eve is in full swing in Aladra now! After nearly a whole month of PvE development, and a ton of Quest Tech updates and improvements, we are proud to release our new Questline! We've really beefed up what can be done with our Questing system and we're really proud to finally show off what it can do to you! Awesome story, exciting twists, Orbs, a Title and a Kill Message are all available as rewards for this story so you won't want to miss out!

1604092669076.pngThere are unique Sound FX for this Adventure so be sure to turn the Server Resource Pack for Loka to Enabled in your Server List! After joining the server and getting the latest pack, check that your Resource Packs shows v1.19 loaded.

For those of you who enjoyed the Ambient Biome SFX that we had in our pack, we will be moving them to a separate, standalone optional pack that can be downloaded. Unfortunately, it adds over 25mb to the pack if we keep them in there and we didn't want people opting out of our Official Pack because of a big file-size. We'll keep you posted on that when it's available. For the time being, you can still load the old resource pack (1.18) and they should both combine together just fine.

We were pushed up against the deadline for this content which is why it released as late as it did, but the content and quests will be available through November 8th. So you have plenty of time to do the quests. The great news about the upgrades to Questing is that we will be able to make better use of it for Yuletide season and our PvE team is already super excited to get started on that. Magpie and I want to give a big thanks to those who helped us make this Nether's Eve event possible. FroggyFruit and Skuhoo did a super job with the Mythic Mob, which is our most polished and well made one yet. McDanky and Koi did great work on the build and some of the quest story/dialogue. And a special thanks to DisturbedMoskito who put a crazy amount of time into both building and quest creation. His hard work really motivated us to improve upon and add to our quest plugin.

In the Meantime
There have been lots of small bugfixes/changes over the past week(s) that we haven't listed so this is a bit of a catchup to changes on Loka recently:
  • Like with Arrows in Battle Zones, Glass Bottles dropped in BZs will also be aggressively culled because ain't nobody need that.
  • When you login and have a Firestone in-hand, you will now immediately get FR. (Used to have to switch hands/slots, etc to get it).
  • Implemented Suggestion: Nullying Potions will now purge/remove Slow Falling, Invisibility, and Jump Boost
  • Implemented Suggestion: Shift-Right-Clicking when placing blocks against bookshelves will no longer open that bookshelf on you.
  • Implemented Suggestion: Whenever you /kill in a Sanctuary Zone, you will not incur Durability loss and will not lose your XP. This does not apply if you're in combat, however.
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Been awhile, so time for a big catchup post on bugs/fixes for the month so far!
  • A whole lot of tech and kit improvements went in to support the New Fruitopia Tournament and we're pretty thrilled with how well and smooth it went.
    • Due to the kit fixes, we believe this actually fixes a lot of the kit issues that exist server-wide from PG, to /c train, etc. Please have a go at these and report if there're any issues left that you can find!
  • Hopefully most of the glitchy Resource Isle ores have now been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to use flowing lava/water to create stone/cobblestone.
    • This is in part to combat cobblemonsters that have lately been used to grief, but also causes rollback issues when things go awry.
  • Implemented Suggestion: Ender Pearls will now do a better job trying to find a safe place to teleport you, rather than just fail and cancel entirely.
  • Implemented Suggestion: Kills messages in Battle Zones will now only be seen by participants in that Battle.
    • Additionally, the beheading title/sound effect will now only play to players within 50 blocks of the beheading.
  • Arcanums shouldn't be so sensitive to colliding blocks when creating them.
  • Fix being able to place Radars that overlap territories, causing them go all crazy.
  • Releasing territories during Conquest Truce should no longer consume attacks.
  • We did another polish pass on Chat Colors (awhile ago) and are pretty happy with where they're at now.
    • Updating colors throughout the rest of Loka will slowly just happen over time.
  • Rockets/Explosions in Sanctuary Zones can no longer shoot people down who aren't in combat. Good meme tho.
  • The global server sound effect whenever somebody Stat Tracks or Lores an item will now only play once in awhile if somebody happens to be going crazy with it.
  • You will now be notified upon login if any of the 3 Resource Isles has reset for you.
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Void Storage fixes aplenty, and some other QoL issues:
  • Void Storage has had a notable rewrite of some of its core bits. As a result, it should hopefully be a lot more stable now and less prone to item-move errors, lost items, sorting issues, etc. Overall the code is way cleaner but because this was a big refactor, as always please pay close attention to your VS and /report any issues you see!
    • The better code will also allow some future updates like rearranging the order of items in a storage chest, etc.
  • Mining at Resource Isles now counts for your town's Mining levels.
  • Mending no longer works on Disabled Elytras, you cheaters.
  • Hitting a logged-out town member's combat-log NPC will no longer put you in combat.
  • When a duel you are spectating finishes, you will now be automatically moved back to whence you came.
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Some forgotten and updated changes to Nomad Fights are now in:

Nomad vs Territory
  • Only Nomads and Defending Side players can participate
  • Neither side can call reins
  • Nomads with a Conquest Lock cannot setup Inhibs on town territories.
  • Nomads cannot setup Inhibs on Unlinking Town Territories
Nomad vs Locked/Town-Adjacent Territory
  • Same as above, however only defenders can call reins.
Other changes
  • The Tab List Header has been updated:
    • The 2nd row will now reflect total network players online and then show survival and pvp count.
    • The 3rd row now shows you some of your currencies. In order it shows Shard Pouch ⨕ - Achievement Points ◈ - Orbs ₴ - Ping.
    • The bigger update to Tab will release sometime after the holidays.
  • Implemented Suggestion: /lore line will now tell you how many characters over the limit of 32 you are.
  • Mining in the Resource Isles now (actually) counts for your town's Mining Levels as well as (new) Stat Tracked picks.
Go Forth!


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  • Fixed some further issues with Void Storage, specifically surrounding AIs.
  • TnT Minecarts will no longer destroy any blocks in a town, regardless of who/what exploded them.
    • If you're gonna use explosions for town excavation, the assumption is you'll do it with regular TnT, so we chose to blanket-stop TnT carts from exploding. Should there be a general request to be able to use these this way, we can re-evaluate in the future.
    • Feel free to resume bombing runs on wild ganks.
  • It is no longer possible to enter any vehicles that are "flying" in a foreign town. Must be on the ground or in water.
  • Recall Stones, Ancient Ingots, and Shards looted from Ruins no longer are broken and should all work fine now.
    • The old ones may be broken; so you may wanna toss em.
  • As well, fixed a bug in trying to use a stack of more than 1 Recall Stone wouldn't work.
  • Yuletide prep!


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  • Due to recent Market abuse, we've used it as an opportunity to look into dupes and in so doing have discovered the cause of a lot of the various bad states you can get into when Marketing that would result in lost items, etc. A great majority of these fixed and the Market should now be feeling a lot more stable and less prone to eating your items.
  • Fixed a bug in which deleting Industries would take out the entire industry region. Unfortunately this cannot be retroactively fixed and as such an Industries made relatively recently are still likely to take our stuff with them. Industries made from here on our shouldn't take out so many blocks anymore.
  • Fixed a few more VS bugs. It was possible to remove items from VS without having removed their actual items.
  • Otherwise various bugs, an optimization here and there, and mostly Yuletide prep.


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Bugs catchup! Generally the vast majority of all the work done since the last post has been preparing for, launching, fixing, and polishing the Yuletide Quests. That said, since then here's what else has changed:

  • Fixed Radar Charges applying to a different lamp than the one you're standing near.
  • Fixed the bug where only taking out one lamp on a Radar destroyed the whole thing.
  • Fixed Rivina doing a "coast check" for the middle Rivina tile. This isn't necessary since you can only hold one node on Rivina these days.
  • Fixed a bug in which players who were not participants of neutral fights (the attackers) on Rivina and Balak could show up to the fights.
/c train
  • /c train no longer requires emptying your inventory.
    • Since Yuletide's quest tech improvements, we've gained more confidence about inventory state management and as such /c train will now remember your inventory prior to entering.
  • Shards in your Shard Pouch will no longer drop on death in /c train.
    • L
  • If you clear your kit inside of /c train you will be given the default kit again, rather than just nothing.
Proving Grounds
  • You no longer actually die in PG, but rather ghostify like in Duels so that you don't have to bother with clicking Respawn every time.
    • After 3s you will autorespawn up top.
  • Fixed the bug with armor randomly glitching between diamond and leather.
  • Dropped items in PG now "poof" so that the floor isn't littered with trash that you accidentally pick up all the time.
  • Fixed a variety of issues surrounding Slow/Lingering and Tactical Rush "pools" on the ground being mineable, not going away after server restarts, etc.
  • Fixed Alliance Perms not persisting restarts. They should save properly now.
  • And one bajillion Quest fixes/polishes/updates/rewords/changes/tweaks/adjustments/etc.
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  • Wabbit Wacking Trial should now actually count your higher scores, forehead.
  • /c train issues should be resolved now. Give it another shot!
  • When receiving a Soulbound Reward from a Quest (aka Firestone), if your inventory was full, rather than sending it quietly to your Escrow it'll just be put into your Soulbound Bag.
    • It just makes sense.
  • Many Living Bomb bugs were fixed. Consider yourself warned.


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The Yuletide Tri-Continental Tournament will be ending Monday Morning, the 18th.
If you haven't done the quests yet, this is your last weekend to do so!
  • Another Wabbit Wacking Trial fix, this time was wrongly evaluating if you got the highest server score.
  • Fixed the bug where Conquest warps would take so long that players were getting kicked back to spawn due to the battle zone entry logic (the 20 second window where you could walk into a BZ if it was during a warp).
  • If in a Battle Zone, you will no longer receive a Conquest Win/Lose title in your face if it's from another battle.
  • Players detected as possible alts will now get a big fat warning in their screen when they join Loka.
  • A bunch of little performance optimizations. Unlikely to make a huge difference with massive playercounts, but every bit helps.
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