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New Loka Update!!!!!!!

Guys so I had a constitution test in school today that I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT. So when I got the test, I freaked the heck out!!! But I guessed on all the questions, and PASSED LOL?! So now I don't have to retake it on Friday!!!


Woohooooo! The new tab (I didn't know what red or blue meant beforehand) and keep inventory at docks that EVERYONE has been asking for FOREVER is FINALLY out!!!!!!!! Lets celebrate!!!!!

Just fight in nether. The nether and end docks don't have big yellow wilderness areas surrounding them.


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May I ask why it was thought that defenders needed to be buffed and attackers nerfed, you see coming from a team who basically just hard defended to win a world cap, i'm quite confident when I say- defending is easier, far far far easier. so why.


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This was a very fantastic update! We had many great changes added as well as some epic new conquest point buffs suggested by myself and the other epic LCRs! We also got the ability to purchase these great buffs for every town in an alliance and even more epic rivina changes, like pots not being consumed and just going back to your town! You can also see the lamp health with the new little squares above each lamp. This update was very epic. Kudos to Crypt and Mag on this one.
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