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NerdNation's Return


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Hello again, adventurers!

I never thought I'd be saying this, but NerdNation is returning to Loka.

We left Loka because we our PvP skills are legendary
because they're so bad
and, as Loka's focus was and is PvP/Conquest, we felt out of place. Presently we are able to expand to three different servers ranging across a variety of playstyles. Our more peaceful players will have a Towny server to play on, our most adventurous players will have a Skyblock RPG server to play on, and those in the middle can play on Loka; all three of these groups comprise NerdNation.

The date and location of our upcoming town birth are currently unknown, but should be soon. I'm so excited to be back, and we can't wait to get to thwart play with you all again!


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