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Lore Role

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Being part of the Lore team for Loka gives you the ability to curate the spawn library and provides access to it's back room. It also allows you to assist in managing the spawn museum. The role involves a lot of reading and writing and helps to make sure past events and lore are not forgotten on Loka. Librarians are awarded the Chronicler title on Loka.

  • Need to have written books for the library before.
  • Ideally have played on the server for a while and a trusted member.
  • Have good knowledge of server lore or at the very least a passion to learn.
  • Read through all new books donated to the Library every other day.
  • Assist in writing new articles for the museum and books for the library.
  • Must not discriminate against groups of players when choosing which books to display.
  • Must not disclose information about server projects, or future features that have not been announced yet.
Application Template

Current rank:
Which role you are applying for:
Why you think you should become this role:
When you started playing on the server:
Time zone:
How often do you play (hours a day/week):

Examples of previous writing/lore:
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