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Loka's First Yuletide Contest


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Loka's First Yuletide Contest

Seasons greetings Lokans! We are nearing the wonderful time of the year known as Yuletide! In addition to the transformation Aladra goes through for the season, DeceitfulPear, jibblypop, and myself are seeking out the most festive and Yuletide-y-ness towns on Loka to help celebrate the holiday season. In light of that, we are happy to announce the Loka's First Yuletide Contest!

The format of this contest is very simple (and FREE, yes FREE). Decorate your town and/or a build for the Yuletide season! In order to participate, you must respond to this thread with an entry listing your town (Nomads can enter too!) and the people who intend to or did participate in the process. You can do this either before or after you have completed your build. Reminder: Yuletide decorative heads will come out at least a week before the competition is over, so be sure to leave space for those if you intend to use them in your builds!


Town: (Nomads please let us know where we can find your build)


A couple short rules...

1. All builds must follow Loka's server rules.
2. No editing builds after deadline (we can tell).
3. Only one submission per town/player.

All entries will be judged on 3 criteria, using a 1-10 point scale for each category.

1. Quality
2. Yuletide-y-ness
3. Effort/Creativity

They will be judged individually by Pear, jib, and myself beginning on December 20th through the 24th. You do not necessarily need to be present. We will announce the winner of contest on December 24th.

Prizes and Awards!
The 1st place town will be awarded with a number of prizes to celebrate their festivity! Rewards will be given to the town owner, to share with those who helped or to keep for themselves!

-Various unique lored goodies to show off and celebrate the season...

-A unique lored tool to help them in future builds...
-A shulker containing various other restricted resources...

-A shulker of Conquest resources...
-10 coupons for free Decorative Heads courtesy of Sparky

We will also be awarding awards for a variety of "Bests," that we come across in the contest. Each judge has chosen two awards to give out to any participants based on content, including but not limited to...

DeceitfulPear's Awards

Best Use of Fruit

jibblypop's Awards
Best Tree Topper
Best Meme

Sparky's Awards

Best Diversity of Color
Best Decorated House

Decorate your town for Yuletide and win stuff or else.

Terms and Conditions subject to change!
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Town: YADDA.

Where: Hopefully JUST AROUND the town

Builders: Iwasnotthere, Xlan, MC_Clain101, Jthebookworm, Fathherr and whoever wants to hop on HYPE


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Point of clarification:

Edited the rules to clarify that edits to builds cannot be made after our deadline (Dec. 20th), not submission date.


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Yuletide decorative heads are out! This is a great time to start working on a Yuletide build or decorating your town for the contest, especially while they are on sale!


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Don't forget you don't have to decorate your whole town to enter, it could just be a simple Yuletide build such as a snowman, a tree, or what have you!


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It is time to announce the winner of the 2020 Yuletide Building Competition! By a LANDSLIDE and unanimous vote among the judges the winner is...

Contact me via Discord whenever and I can get you your WINNINGS!