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Loka Weekly News #2


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Summary of ongoing events on Loka this week,

The now-former sentry Froggyfruit along with a slicer, lilfros have both been banned for two months for DUPING! Now, the inside scoop just for you; how they got caught, essentially froggyfruit was in the PvE discord just streaming his game around his town etc, when he exposed that he had glitched in some PvE items from a GUI that shouldn't have been possible, presumably similar to how he was doing the market dupe! He duped items ranging from Diamond Blocks, brew mats, ai's and armour alike here's a nice video to summarise this for you, credit to skuhoo:

The ping: last week I spoke briefly on the ping issues ongoing with Loka, this was fixed way earlier in the week and is no longer a problem, everyone is back to normal it appears.

Loss of lore this week: There has been various lore swords loss this week, In conquest Y87_ dropped his lore sword. In a town raid lilfros had lost his malding sword, and in one massive town raid on Astro the player vai managed to steal swords ranging from Daviqs to a juicer to a W4SH sword combo!

Conquest this week!: This week kicked off with Covenant attacking MoistP Alliance, a 44v55 which resulted in covenant winning, the MVP Via kills was Lurnn. (As per all eldritch logs can be found down at the bottom of the thread)
Covenant attacked MoistP Alliance, 35v48, MoistP alliance win, Mxthi MVP via kills.
MoistP alliance attacked covenant, 10v10 covenant won MVP Via kills was SigmaFlash
Covenant attacked MoistP alliance, 46v67 covenant won, MVP via kills PheonixTails
Covenant attacked MoistP alliance, 62v61 covenant won, MVP via kills was SigmaFlash
MoistP alliance attacked covenant, 10v10 covenant won, MVP via kills was Lurnn
MoistP alliance attacked picts, reins was called and Picts alongside the covenant defeated MoistP Alliance, 47v49 MVP via kills was Unallowed

https://eldritchbot.com/[email protected] 35v48
https://eldritchbot.com/fight?id=BJS1ZGhiw 44v55
https://eldritchbot.com/fight?id=rJQ53bJhv 10v10
https://eldritchbot.com/[email protected] 46v67
https://eldritchbot.com/fight?id=BJJWnwZ2P 62v61
https://eldritchbot.com/fight?id=HJcJelNnP 10v10
https://eldritchbot.com/fight?id=S1wUi3InP 47v49


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If anyone has notes to add of what happened please drop them here on in my dms on discord Lurnn#0001 I will make sure to add them!