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Loka Historians


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Hi everyone! I, PartayArc, FoxyBearGames, Silver911, and brandonzx3 have decided to revamp the wiki! If you have some town lore or player lore and have no time to post it, msg one of us on discord (Arc#0811, Grant#4290, トレントムーア#0333 or Brandonzx3#3704). Thank you in advance, we look forward to working with you all!

Please note: This service costs no shards or diamond blocks.


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Here's our Discord! https://discord.com/invite/2J2DusF

We'll be making lore posts on just about anything you could wish for. If you want a lore post about your evil science lab, we'll do it, if you wanna dump some screenshots of your religion, we'll do it. Honestly, just DM us. We're happy to help. Arc, Silver, and Brandon have all been excellent peers to work with about this stuff. Hope to see some lore from everyone :maggers:
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