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Suggestion kill messages

hi so since ranked duels don't give u anything let's add a new way of getting kill messages because having 90 people use "was slain by" looks kinda bad and it would definitely be a cool thing to grind all different kinds of kill messages instead of clearing shrines all day


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These will be coming with treasure knives when we get around to implementing them. We have always prioritised non-cosmetic/non-monetisation updates over this as it doesn't feel right to spend dev time on this when there are other things on the server that need our time. However, it is slowly working its way up our list, so hopefully won't be a million miles away.


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Better suggestion is to literally start the new ranked season. and don't give us that "no one will play it bla bla bla" because that's cap. Literally PvP has been peaking ever since the last season was ended. No one is going to join the ranked rn because we don't gain anything, elo frozen, and queue system sus and slow. Revamp and release por favor.


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Once some more permanent questing happens some more kill messages are inevitable. Treasure knives should also suffice pretty nicely. I think the big thing is having a constant flow of these being added, as well as exclusive one offs as well.