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Jammin_Mas for Web & Art Role


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Age: 21

Current rank: Slicer

Which role you are applying for: Web/Art Role

Why you think you should become this role:

Since joining the server I have always wanted to join the web/art team on loka, however I was limited due to my pc and programs available. Recently I have upgraded and can now produce videos and cinematics. My main focus and desire for this position would be in the cinematic development with the use of Replay Mod. Since discovering replay mod way back in 2018 I have fooled around and used it to create some nice short videos. The reason im applying for this position is due to the server updates, the ability to use Replay Mod is back upon us. There is no doubt that spending atleast 3 hrs a week of work on cinematics on the web/art team would allow me to pump out some amazing cinematics. I will link a couple videos below to showcase my work. The most recent one was a small video made of my town, which was done in under 5 hours. You should see more cinematics aswell as I plan on making others in the near future.

This one was made in 2018

And the one made on 6/1/2020

When you started playing on the server: Feb 03, 2017

Time zone: Est

How often do you play (hours a day/week): 2-4 hours a day

What area's within this role would you be interested in doing:
Video/Cinematic production


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Jammin is a super self motivated player and having someone like him on the web art team would be a blessing. Thank you for blessing my ears with crab rave. +1


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+1, grave digging a little but this isn't locked yet so why not. With the coming content for Loka cinematic would be epic :)