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Help me build a town.


Active Member
Hello. I was thinking about reviving the town of Sudkuste in hopes of finishing it. I wanted to do it alone, but I realize I need town protection to make any progress on it, and that requires people.

So I am opening up the town for members.

The town of Sudkuste is founded on the clay cliffs on the Messerne Peninsula, located in the southwest region of Ascalon. It is a canal-based town built into the side of the clay cliffs. The theme is sort of dwarven-inspired, but can adapt to other themes. Building is done both on the plains above the cliffs and inside the cliff tunnels. There is also a beach area to develop. The canals can also be further developed.

At the moment, most of the large-scale manual labor is done. The town is at the perfect point where it needs creative builders who can go wild with their creativity.

The town will be peaceful and neutral in any conflicts for the time being. Anyone is welcome to join. I am seeking those who enjoy building and developing towns.

I will be the owner of the town, but as usual I do not stick around for very long at a time. This means that there will be plenty of positions available in the town for ownership. If that's something you're into, then this a good opportunity.

If you feel you are stuck in a town that is already developed and need a place to run free with builds, this is the place for you. This city has limitless possibility, and the groundwork is already laid out.

Here are some pictures of the town in its current state. Much of it looks rough because the current generator protection does not allow it to be repaired. The lava walls are unable to be lowered in some areas because of this issue.Once the town is created, these issues can be easily fixed.

Please do not fully judge based off of these pictures. My good pictures of the city before it died and was damaged are missing.

If you are interested in any way in joining Sudkuste to build, contact me. Also, if you come to build, you are not necessarily obligated to stay as a member. If you can join the town as a member when you're done, or you can simply join temporarily to build. It's all up to you.