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    What are all these love hearts about?
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    It's because they're married in-game. When somebody's child, in 20 years, asks you when your first date was, Jed and Tee will reply with, "On Minecraft".
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    [A/N: Took me about 4 months to finish like two pages. Sorry for being so lazy :p Enjoy! Regular updates coming soon, hopefully ^-^]

    Chapter 10: Asmund’s Stand​

    Auru wasn’t a grandiose city. It didn’t have the technological prowess of Vantis, the rich architecture of Arvik, nor the mystique of Eldritch, but it was the little things around town that made the humble town Tee’s home. For instance, the small flower that sat within the shade of The Spire, dedicated to defeating Skuhoo on a rampant raid of Auru. Who could forget the field of flowers outside the North Gate that Jedoi had dedicated to the few hundred chickens her and Tee had slain together for feathers? Or what about the hole in the Aurulian Park that trapped Tyrriel and Falksi time and time again when they were prowling the streets in their late night, drunken escapades. All of these minor details, easy to miss, but they made Auru special to Tee...all of them washed away by the panicking, bustling streets as Asmund fell to it’s knees. Three war heroes gone...all in one night...right when Asmund thought they could win the war…

    Tee felt the worst for Bacchus, a lord left without a leader. And knowing the way that Arvik’s nobility was set, it looked like he was next in line for the crown, something that he wasn’t nearly prepared for. He tried pushing off the responsibility to Quazister, the Captain of the Guard, that way he could just stay in his brewery without a care in the world, but Quaz wasn’t having any of it. “This is for you, and you’ve got all of Arvik behind you. Besides, it’s what Nokia would’ve wanted,” Tee caught on in passing. Jedoi called a rushed, Asmund meeting, once again hosted in Auru. Nobility from all over Kalros, secluded parts of Ascalon, and the remote towns of Garama came flowing through the Aurulian gates, panicked and exhausted: all they wanted was for this war to be over, and at this point, Tee didn’t think half of them even cared about winning.

    Tee spotted two of the newer leaders of Asmund, off to the side of the Aurulian street: Marble and Mister Pisquallie of Silverhand. He strode over to them, doubt dancing across his face. “To think, we were just here, preparing for war.”

    Mister Pisquallie nodded his agreement, but said nothing. He watched...scrutinized every Asmundian that walked through the Aurulian gates. He drank in their armor, their nobles colors, their weaponry. Tee snapped him back to reality. “How’s Silverhand doing anyways?”

    Marble turned to the young wizard. “What importance is it to you?”

    Tee stepped back. “I...want to know how our new allies are doing. I’ve heard you’ve settled in a wonderful area! The Southeast Basin, or ‘secret garden’...the place was meant for a town.”

    Once again, Mister Pisquallie nodded. “Aye, and that it is. You should come check it out sometime, Tee. I’d love to have a dedicated towns member like you amongst my ranks.”

    Tee laughed, but politely declined. “As much as I’d love to go exploring the world, I’ve got my duties here in Auru. Besides, who else is going to brew the potions for the War Guild?”

    The three men laughed together, but Tee’s heart was pained with a touch of sadness. He could joke about his ex- High King, and now Ex- Jarl, all he wanted, but it didn’t change the fact that he was still gone. The young wizard shook his head, and looked back out amongst the crowd. “Anyways, I’ve got some preparations to make before the meeting. Why don’t you two head over to the tavern? I hear Falksi’s back in town, and, knowing her, she’s likely brewing up a storm!” He tossed them a small pouch of power shards. “First round’s on me.”

    Tee stepped inside the Spire, seeing Jedoi sitting at a nearby table, furiously scribbling something down. “Hey Jed.”

    She looked up from the book she was writing in, shut it closed, and tucked it away. “Tee.” She smiled, but it never reached her eyes. Apricity, Entelechy, and Tenebris settled at her side.

    Tee kneeled down and pet his wolf, his vision starting to blur. “So?”

    “‘So?’” Jedoi replied.

    “So...what do we do now?”

    The Aurulian High-King let out a deep breath that she didn’t know she was holding. “You tell me.”

    Tee snapped up to look at her. “What do you mean?”

    “To be honest, Tee,” she said, slumping down, “I don’t know what to do next.” She looked up at the young wizard. “There’s no one to guide us in battle, no one to take stock of inventory...I may be the leader of the town, but I can’t rally these people to win a war.”

    Tee nodded. He understood what Jed meant: she was a writer, a poet, a diplomat, but she was no warrior. Neither was he, for that matter, nor Bacchus or any of them. Little had they all realized, Stampen, Nokia, and Xovious kept them glued together, keeping order in Asmund, and here they all were, Leaderless.

    “Well, someone has to at least lead this meeting.” Tee said, distraught.

    “How about you?”

    “What?” Tee asked, turning back to her.

    “Well, you’re bound to lead this alliance one day anyways. Why not get the practice in now?”

    Tee looked at Jed for a few moments, studying her eyes, trying to see some inkling of a joke there. When he was disappointed that she was serious, he gulped and noticed his heart rate increase tenfold.

    “Tee, I’m serious. I can barely keep my head straight as it is right now. Losing Xovious...that was tough.”

    “It was tough for all of us, Jed. He was a good man, and to have just disappeared like that…”

    Tee thought about what Xovious had said to him before the beachhead on Ascalon. “Son, it’s plenty easy to die. It’s much harder to live, but make it so.” Did that mean Xov was dead? No, it couldn’t be! The Artifact would’ve brought him back…

    “Tee?” Jed queried, snapping him back into reality. He’d deal with the grief of loss later. Right now he had matters to attend to, starting with the woman that stood before him. He let out a sigh, and dipped his head a bit.

    “Your wish is my command, your Majesty.”


    Tee looked her in the eyes, holding her gaze while thinking, hundreds of thoughts firing off in his mind all at once. Supplies, food, weapons, defense, everything and anything related to Conquest he could think of was floating around in his head. He started piecing stuff together, when the Man in Chains appeared in his thoughts. “Good, Tee Alduin. A smart and analytical man, I knew you’d do well.”

    Tee fell to the ground screaming, “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HEAD!”

    Jed rushed over, “Tee! Tee, are you alright?”

    Tee shook his head, seeing his High King above him, but words and numbers also floating across his vision, things that he would’ve never even thought of, things that could help him in this war: economic fronts, diversification of crops, public relations, the list went on. “I can be of some use to you, Tee Alduin. For one day, when you help me...well, I need to repay you somehow.”

    Tee shook his head. The Man in Chains would be a problem for another day. He stood up, grasping Jed by the forearms. “Ring the bells. The meeting starts in ten minutes.”


    The Asmundians chatted nervously amongst themselves, waiting for some kind of leader to step up among them, and for the meeting to start. Jedoi checked the landings around the room, seeing that the cavern was packed with representatives from all of the towns. She looked left to see Bacchus Markov basically freaking out, and trying to get drunk as fast as possible. Captain Quazister kept knocking the bottle of whiskey away from Bacchus’ mouth, trying to keep him sober enough for when Bacchus would inevitably announce his coronation date. She looked to her right, seeing the nearly empty Draekonfell landing. To be honest, it was a bittersweet experience for her: she was extremely sad to see Xovious go, and one of the last remaining artifacts of his bravery and leadership crumble before her very eyes, but she was relieved to have loyal Aurulians like Falksi, Bambi, and Thanatos back at her side.

    She saw Tee step up to the podium at the front of the Aurulian dias, and watched as he braced himself. He cleared his throat, “can I have everyone’s attention please?” he meekly asked. But his voice was drowned out in the confusion of the Asmundians. He waited a few moments, and repeated, a little louder, “hey, can I get your attention?” But once again, his voice was a mere whisper amongst the uproar of Asmundians. Jed watched as Tee clutched his fist in anger, his fingers flexing and clenching in an erratic rhythm. Finally, after balling his hand into a fist on last time, he slammed his hand down onto the podium. “Silence!”

    The braziers, set deep into the walls, that kept the cavern lit were instantly snuffed out. And just like the flames, the voices too died in the darkness. Jed’s heart seemingly skipped a beat, until she noticed the blue flames rolling off of Tee’s cloak form around him, giving him a seemingly eerie glow. Silently, she watched as he raised his right hand, and snapped his fingers. Instantly, flames returned to the braziers; however, although the light had flooded the room once more, it still seemed...darker.

    “Thank you. Now then, let’s get this meeting started, shall we?”

    There were a few murmurs, but after a moment or two, the room fell silent once again.

    “Terrific.” Tee swept his right hand across the room, and flames flickered out of thin air across the floor. After some fierce concentration, and silent curses, the fire, to everyone’s surprise, formed into the three continents of the Fifth World, with a small dot in the center to represent Aladra. Tee colored the flames blue for friendly territory and towns, red for enemies, and yellow for neutrals...though, he scorched the floor in the process.

    He lowered the lights around the room a bit, and enlarged the size of the Garaman flame. “Right, so Vantis, listen up.”

    Mars and Macus stood tall. Here was a man who was too skittish to even shake their hands a few weeks ago, and now he was about to given them Conquest advice. Mars looked over to his companion. “Oh what the hell, let’s see what the poor sap has to say?” Macus nodded, but prefered to stay silent.

    “Fire away, your Majesty,” Mars dwarled.

    Tee took a gulp, a cracked his fists. “As I’ve learned, war isn’t just about pure strength. It’s about numbers as well. We might not have the best fighters, but we sure have quite a bit of them, and this directly applies to Garama: Kalros, for the most part, is unified; between Kaldrsvell, Prithia, Whitevale, Arvik, Silverhand, and Auru we’ve got most of the continent covered save for Hilo and the wild card further up North: Legio XIII. Garama, on the other hand, is still pretty divided, and if we’re planning on going west, the South is going to be our weak point.”

    Macus nodded, drinking in what the wizard had to say. “So you’re suggesting diplomatic relations?”

    Tee started walking around on the platform, pacing back and forth, almost gathering his thoughts. “Yes, specifically with towns like Cincia. I hear they’ve been training lots of warriors over there, people that might aid in our efforts. I’m not asking for you to supply them with literally everything you own, but maybe some armor and weapons, and I can get them some potions.” Tee looked about the room. “This doesn’t just apply to Vantis either, but to all of you. Double your efforts for recruiting the new people who appear in Aladra: not only could you get some awesome new town mates, but another set of warriors. Besides, who knows who could be the next Skuhoo? It could be someone who shows up on your front doorstep with absolutely nothing.”

    Some murmurs were heard about the room, but it seemed like the general consensus was of an agreeable attitude. “Good. The faster you can unify the South, the better our fight in the West can be. That being said, a war isn’t just about fighting, but resources too. Vantis, you guys are one of our largest meat exports, especially with cooked there any way that you can overclock your production though?”

    Mars piped up, “there are some...efficiency issues...amongst our industries that we never quite got around to fixing. I’m sure we could get more meat out, but just remember, more slaughtering animals means less animals to breed, which will ultimately mean no meat at all.”

    Tee nodded. “Fair enough: make the production more efficient, but also find a limit to it so the whole thing doesn’t go under. Oh, and crop rotation!” Tee turned to the Silverhand, Arvik, and Auru platforms. “The North can’t sustain many crops, but of those it can, we’ll need. That being said, continuously farming the same kind of crop will absolutely destroy our farmlands. Crop rotation is one of the most important things we can do, so I suggest planting wheat and potatoes interchangeably. The minerals of one will help the other.”

    Someone from the House Iron platform stood up and called out, “why should we care about nitty-gritty things like crop rotation? How is that possibly going to help us win a war against Sku and Crew?”

    The murmuring grew louder, but was instantly shushed by a wave of Tee’s hand. “Actually, I’m glad you asked. You’re right, things like crop rotation won’t directly help us win a fight, nor a war, but right now I’m planning for the long run. Whether we win or lose this war, what good is it to us if our infrastructure and economy is ruined?” The murmurs returned, uproaring to the thought of some insignificant Lord of Auru basically securing the fates of the future of their towns, some of which had stood for already hundreds of years, and here he was working to rewrite their history...his own just a few months.

    When the voices around the room finally calmed down, the man from House Iron finally called back, “fair enough, carry on.”

    With a round of applause that exploded around the room, Tee took a deep breath, focusing all of his attention into his next few points. “Right, now for Public Relations.”


    Ben’s light snores made Jed laugh a little. The meeting had dragged on for several hours now, and while the more studious of people were taking notes, people like Ben were sound asleep. She looked on at awe at her former apprentice, however. He had taken to the Aurulian podium and hadn’t faltered once under the constant pressure of all those preening eyes. Hours upon hours of political theory and economic growth, and yet Tee still didn’t seem the worse for wear. She was glad to have him around: if it was just her doing all of this, she would’ve broken down about halfway through, but in the face of adversity, Tee knew when to keep pushing forward.

    With a slight roll of his neck, Tee spoke up. “Unless anyone else has anything important to bring up, we’ll move onto our final topic: Arvik.”

    Jed saw someone from the Silverhand platform stand up and walk towards the front. She frowned, as she didn’t know much of the nobility of the town, but could only assume it was Pisquallie who stood before the podium. “We’d like to make a request.”

    Tee eyed the new speaker, gave a brief pause, but waved his hand. “Continue.”

    Pisquallie turned towards Bacchus. “Silverhand would like to request more land.”

    An eerie silence fell over the room until the words began to sink in. Bacchus stood up, albeit shakily. It’d be his first decision to make on Arvik’s behalf since Nokia’s disappearance. He stepped up to the podium, looking at Pisquallie. “We can discuss terms after this meeting.”

    Pisquallie seemed pleased with this response until Captain Quazister shouted out, “absolutely not!” The room turned towards the head of Arvik’s Royal Guard, murmurs starting to rumble the still air. “Bacchus, you realize that Silverhand is at a choke hold of Arvik, correct? If they gain any land, and betray us, that cuts us off from the rest of Kalros!”

    Pisquallie slowly realized how much power Silverhand could hold over Arvik. He turned towards Quaz, saying, “we’ll betray you if you don’t give us land.”

    “Is that an ultimatum?”

    “I suppose that’s up to you.”

    Bacchus stood in between the two men glaring daggers as each other. “Like I said, we can discuss terms more diplomatically after this meeting has been called.”

    “This is bullshit!” Quaz screamed out, his voice echoing around the chamber. “You’re not serious, are you, Bacchus?”

    “Quaz, sit down, please.”

    “Absolu-” he started.

    “Quaz. This is a command from your new King.”

    A gloomy silence draped over the room like a cloth. Realization crept into the room, and Quaz stormed out of the meeting hall. Bacchus gripped the edge of his nose, and looked back amongst the room. “Yes, I shall be announcing my official coronation to be Arvik’s new King shortly. Now then, I believe that was the last thing that Tee wanted to talk about, are we done here?”

    Tee gathered his thoughts, but finally nodded. Quaz’s departure was explosive and abrupt, but nonetheless it was a good way to call the meeting. Tee dismissed the Asmundians, Aurulians ushering people back out into the city where they could grab a room at the inn for the night, and drink their fill.

    Tee turned to the sleeping Master of the Skies. “Ben.”

    Ben groggily woke up, realizing the meeting was over, and that he was being confronted by Tee. “Oh, Tee! G’morning...I suppose I fell asleep.”

    Tee shook his head, but shrugged it off. “Gather the guild leaders. I need to talk to them.”
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