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Frog's Brewer Company


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Instead of using the new "auto" brewer design going around some requiem towns,
Ducky and Samisol decided to blow it up and get a real brewer.
They opted for 3 Mini V2 brewers at 3500 shards each.

Fruit Juicer Mini V2
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Ducky at home inside his Mini V2

This Brewer is a major improvement upon the V1 mini, thanks to some criticisms from Gotham and BITS.
- Combined Multiple Layers
- Rotated Timer 90° for improved efficiency
- Easy Access to both Brewing Stands and Material Storage
- Covered Redstone
- Removed Start/Stop Lever
- Added Bottle Runout Shutoff
- Made the Overall Size Smaller
- Made space for future upgrades :)

Make sure to message me on discord for more info!

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this brewer works surprisingly well for how cheap it is and ducky and I have had no problems with it and in the couple thousand pots that we have brewed since we bought it, it has made 0 mistakes so 10/10


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(how many have there been)

"Where's the on switch" - Pheo
Valyria has Three Mini V2 brewers, in all blue concrete.

They paid 64 diamond blocks for 4 lanes, and got 2 for free!
With a bunch of new towns popping up, it's a great time to ask about your Fruit Juicer Mini!



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Mini V2 Public Release!
I'm sure that the new brewer design I'm releasing sometime in the up coming couple of weeks will completely change how brewers on Loka are built. Because of the sheer amount of people asking about brewers, I'm going to publicly release my V2 schematic.

.LITEMATIC Google Drive Download
idk why it shows it as last edited in 1969 but ok
What do I have to look forward to?
- A Updated version of the Mini Platform, the V3, most likely the last of its kind, unless there are bug fixes.
- The new Micro Platform, which is faster, has 65% less hopper count and continues all the current features, plus more.

How do I set up the Mini v2?
After you've built the brewer, you have to do the following:

Put 32 stackable items in the hopper clock (stackable to 64, not 16)
Basically put in 32 dirt blocks.

Start the autobottler timer by placing a torch or a lever off to the side and creating this clock.
It will start making a bunch of noise, which is normal.

To stop the horrendous clicking noises, throw a bunch of bottles into the chests/shulkers at the very top,
until both the lamps next to it are off AND the items have stopped moving. Should be around 14 stacks to purge the system.

In each hopper, place two stacks of your material, and 4 blocks that are unable to be put into a brewing stand.
anything after 2 stacks is detected, so you basically have 2 stacks of everything sitting dormant. This is fixed in the V3.

If a lamp is on, that side of the brewer will shut off.
This design shuts off when you run out of bottles as well.
When tiling these brewers, allow for a one-block gap between them to prevent the mat protection Redstone line from touching across the 2 brewers.
If you build a brewer yourself, I will not come to your town to fix it, although you can probably send me a dm and I can walk you through it.

Happy brewing and be sure to send me screenshots of them in your town!