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FoxyBearGames For Sentry

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Age: 14 Years

Current rank: Community Representative

Which rank you are applying for: Sentry

What you think is expected of this rank:
Sentries are the first step in joining the Administration of Loka. Sentries should be capable of moderating chat, helping new players, and solving problems. They need to be unbiased and need to have a good understanding of the rules on Loka, along with being someone who the community knows they can trust. Sentries should also be capable of solving issues that players have, or attempting to help in the event that is is beyond their capabilities. Sentries need to act as a position for handling the small issues of Loka, most importantly though, Sentries should set an example for what to strive for on Loka. They are essential in being the role models. Furthermore, Sentries are key in maintaining Loka's high standards and the position should be taken very seriously.

Why you think you should become this rank:
I believe that I should become Sentry because of my care and dedication towards Loka. Loka is a server that I care quite deeply about, and would like to begin helping the server to a higher degree than I currently am capable of currently. This would entail moderating both the Loka Discord, along with the Minecraft Server itself. I want Loka to be a well-moderated community and will set a good example for the community. I also think that it is important for Sentries to moderate the community correctly, being both unbiased and understanding. As Sentry I will do my best to understand situations that require moderation from the staff. Most of all though, I would like to continue to provide additional help to Loka's staff. I think that Sentry is the perfect position to continue this in. I will do my absolute best in this position and will strive for excellence if I am promoted. Thanks to all for reading, hopefully you have a wonderful day!

When you started playing on the server: January 1st, 2017

Time zone: Central Standard Time

How often do you play (hours a day/week): 3-5 Hours Per Day.

Discord Tag: Grant#4290

Please Note: I am currently on my second account, McFoxBear, however will be changing back into FoxyBearGames within a few weeks.
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I'm going to be honest, when Foxy applied for LCR I did not really know him and I -1'd his application because I had misunderstood a joke of his. Now that I have gotten to know Foxy more I realise I was very wrong in my first impressions of him. He is a great candidate for sentry and understands the requirements well.


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i love foxybear games i kiss him good night every night but no homo +1
plus in literal seconds after i made this point he already reacted like tf he lives in the fourms
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