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FoxyBearGames for PvE Developer

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Community Rep
Age: 14
Current rank: Sentry/Community Representative
Which role you are applying for: PvE
Why you think you should become this role:
I would really love to become apart of the PvE team and work on the content that drives Loka. The quests that have been developed for this server are quite honestly amazing, and I would like to help out in making amazing quests in the future. I've got basic experience with programming, some basic skin making, writing stories, and overall being able to help wherever I can. I've also toyed around with the current quests system a bit and hope to learn the ins and outs once I get a bit more time on my hands.
When you started playing on the server: January 1st, 2017
Time zone: CST
How often do you play (hours a day/week): 2-5 Hours Per Day
Discord Tag: Grant#4290
Favourite NPC on Loka: My Town NPC, "E"
Example of a quest you would write if you were accepted:
I think a quest that I would write if I were to be accepted would be a quest that is based around the alcohol system. I think it would be cool to have a tavern in spawn with a brewmaster who could have you go around the server and gather materials to make some basic beer. It would be quite cool and could show off not only the cool quests system but also the alcohol system. The quest could also even be a chain that leads you all around the world to all kinds of places for multiple beers.
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Idk why I didn't see this application earlier, but I think Foxy would be a good pick for pve dev. He is very implicated in the community, very active, and has awesome ideas. +1
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