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Fifth Round LCR Results


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Old One
Congratulations to Lurnn, FoxyBearGames, BobbyRavioli, LostProperty and SilentStormSix for winning the LCR vote.

As always I'd also like to say a big thanks to the outgoing LCRs. They have done really well, especially considering both me and Crypt have had less time to spend with them than we have in previous terms. Many of whom will be serving a second term so we're looking to working with them again. A special shout out to FoxyBearGames who has put a huge amount of work and effort into the role, providing some great feedback for us.

There were 97 voters in total. We had planned to only accept 4 LCRs this time around due to the number of candidates putting themselves forward. However, due to the number of votes the 5th place candidate got and the fact they were so close behind 4th place, we decided to accept 5 LCRs.

While somewhat difficult to read, below is the result of the voting and the rounds they go through. Remember this is Ranked Choice Voting so you'll notice that votes are transferred based on your picks and whether the candidate won/lost.

The threshold to have 5 winners is 16.66% of the vote. So, as the candidates reach that threshold, they win. If they have votes in excess of the threshold, a percentage of everyone's vote who voted for the winning candidate goes to their next choice candidate. During a round, if nobody hits that threshold, the weakest candidate is eliminated and their votes are redistributed similarly to winners excess votes.

Exhausted ballots are when all of your vote choices have been consumed. Once again there were only 3 exhausted ballots, which means almost everyone's full vote was used and this is down to people listing more candidates in their order of preference.

Round 1
Active ballots: 97.0 Exhausted ballots: 0.0
Votes needed: 16.167666666666666
Percent needed: >0.16666666666666666%
FoxyBearGames 21.0 votes, 0.21649484536082475%
Lurnn 26.0 votes, 0.26804123711340205%
SilentStormSix 13.0 votes, 0.13402061855670103%
LostProperty 15.0 votes, 0.15463917525773196%
BobbyRavioli 21.0 votes, 0.21649484536082475%
Moosebobby 1.0 votes, 0.010309278350515464%
FoxyBearGames won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 2
Active ballots: 96.76804800000001 Exhausted ballots: 0.23195199999999994
Votes needed: 16.129008000000002
Percent needed: >0.16666666666666666%
FoxyBearGames 16.129008000000002 votes, 0.16667700065624969%
Lurnn 26.231952 votes, 0.2710807187099609%
SilentStormSix 15.783423999999997 votes, 0.16310573920019544%
LostProperty 15.927807999999999 votes, 0.1645978019521485%
BobbyRavioli 21.695856 votes, 0.22420474989843753%
Moosebobby 1.0 votes, 0.010333989583007812%
Lurnn won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 3
Active ballots: 94.99693588360097 Exhausted ballots: 2.003064116398959
Votes needed: 15.833822647266826
Percent needed: >0.16666666666666666%
FoxyBearGames 15.833822647266826 votes, 0.16667719332198136%
Lurnn 15.833822647266826 votes, 0.16667719332198136%
SilentStormSix 17.588980919942408 votes, 0.18515313948119394%
LostProperty 17.787562988730734 votes, 0.1872435444710101%
BobbyRavioli 26.1516025901808 votes, 0.2752889063940353%
Moosebobby 1.8011440902134597 votes, 0.018960023009798842%
SilentStormSix won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 4
Active ballots: 94.58413969648825 Exhausted ballots: 2.415860303511694
Votes needed: 15.765023282748041
Percent needed: >0.16666666666666666%
FoxyBearGames 15.765023282748034 votes, 0.16667723926375536%
Lurnn 15.76502328274804 votes, 0.1666772392637554%
SilentStormSix 15.765023282748036 votes, 0.16667723926375538%
LostProperty 18.985422572907286 votes, 0.20072522342360727%
BobbyRavioli 26.474005618541394 votes, 0.2798989947309774%
Moosebobby 1.829641656795515 votes, 0.01934406405414973%
LostProperty won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 5
Active ballots: 93.66701332825149 Exhausted ballots: 3.3329866717484338
Votes needed: 15.612168888041912
Percent needed: >0.16666666666666666%
FoxyBearGames 15.612168888041897 votes, 0.16667734278373766%
Lurnn 15.612168888041912 votes, 0.16667734278373783%
SilentStormSix 15.612168888041907 votes, 0.16667734278373778%
LostProperty 15.612168888041912 votes, 0.16667734278373783%
BobbyRavioli 28.139058097028123 votes, 0.3004158785165506%
Moosebobby 3.079279679055792 votes, 0.03287475034849896%
BobbyRavioli won!

FoxyBearGames winner!
Lurnn winner!
SilentStormSix winner!
LostProperty winner!
BobbyRavioli winner!
Moosebobby was eliminated


This is literally rigged. There is no political solution anymore. We must start a Loka revolution and install new LCRs like Moosebobby and Ughbraces who actually care about the community unlike Bobbyravioli the Nexus traitor!!!!!