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Favourite NPCs


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While i was bored, i started to think on how much i love/hate some NPCs at Aladra.
So who is the best npc in the server? And the worst??

Here is my top:

The ones i like more:
1) Frodii: He is the best fisherman, a god amongs us, very sexy and cool. Nothing else to add, undefeatable on this top
2)Laurel: She is one of the most special NPCs, the only person on the server capable of making cool banners with extra layers
3)Drahn: He is from Garama, big biceps and marked abs. He can even see with just one eye!10/10
4)Melchiott: The best baker on the server and works for free.
5)Arbre: He hates trees as much as i do.

Now the ones i hate the most:
1)Golran: She is a scammer, 16 shards for a diam WTF!!!
2)Byran: He is a nub, likes lore and its bald. Most disgusting person in Aladra.
3)Aladran Guard: He looks wrong at me everytime i pass by his side. So annoying, thats why i hate the police
4)Tasp: She is too English.
5)Indi: After the Xmas Quest i find out she cant do anything by her own, most useless person on the island



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Something I've mentioned on occasion before is how much I miss what Zevran would talk about. Having him as a boat npc is fine and all but I miss him talking about prek and how much history he mentioned. (If he says this stuff now please lmk. Haven't checked in a while) Anyways I'm in a free period right now so I have nothing better to do than to just list my favorites and least favorites:

0: Zevran
1: Melchiott: Mass produced or not free food is free food
2: Frodii: Cool dude but he always rigs his tournaments.
3: Lydia: Lore is pretty nice
4: Byran: Always a good little bit of comedical relief
5: Polly (Captain Abel's Pirate): Knows how to appreciate a drink.
Honorable Mention: Timmy

Least Favorites:
1: Thief: Can we get a use for this guy please?
2: Golran: Almost as big a scammer as borne
3: The guy that sells ender pearls: (tbh forgot name.) Another scammer
4: The aladran guard but only the one at the war district on the left of the entrance when facing from outside district in: He smells kinda funny
5: Merith: Won't let me un-stat track my items.