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~Elderwood Trading~

Welcome to the Elderwood Market! All of the prices that you find on this thread are negotiable unless specified otherwise. I am currently new to the server, so if prices seem way out in comparison to the usual economy of the server, please bear with me. At the moment the majority of Sales will consist of Enchanted Books. The mixture of sales should increase as the Town matures, so feel free to continue dropping buy, even if this time nothing was to your taste!

All enchantments are currently only available in book form, if you want the item there will be an additional charge which is equal to the resource cost of the item.

Prices will certainly adjust in relation to how this thread goes and the responses received. Also all prices are currently in Shards, but Elderwood will accept the following rates below:

1 Diamond = 13 Shards

~Elderwood Enchantments~:

Tool Enchantments

- Fortune II: 40 Shards
- Fortune III: 70 Shards
- Silk Touch: 70 Shards
- Efficiency III: 40 Shards
- Efficiency IV: 60 Shards
- Efficiency V: 90 Shards
- Unbreaking III: 50 Shards

Weapon Enchantments

- Power III: 20 Shards
- Power IV: 40 Shards
- Power V: 70 Shards
- Infinity: 60 Shards
- Looting II: 50 Shards
- Looting III: 90 Shards
- Sharp III: 40 Shards
- Sharp IV: 60 Shards
- Sharp V: 100 Shards
- Fire Aspect II: 80 Shards
- Unbreaking III: 50 Shards

Armor Enchantments

- Protection III: 60 Shards
- Protection IV: 90 Shards
- Unbreaking III: 50 Shards
- Respiration III: 90 Shards

~Elderwood Purchasing~:

For all purchases are pretty much down to offers, feel free to PM me on the forums, post a reply to this thread or feel free to PM me once I am online.

- Spruce Logs
- Birch Logs
- Netherrack
- Netherbrick