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Curlyy for Sentry

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Age: 16 years

Current Rank: Slicer

What do you think is expected of this rank:
A good sentry should first and foremost have a good understanding of the rules and community surrounding Loka. They should strive to aid in maintaining Loka's friendly and non-toxic community, and in turn, should support newer players so that Loka can continue thriving. They should not see things in a polarising light and aim to be as unbiased as possible, to avoid frustration and fallout among the player base. Every situation has multiple sides, so they should be capable and willing to explore each possibility, even if it goes against their best interest.

Why do you think you should become this rank:
I have been active on Loka for a while now, and I can confidently say that I am invested in it staying at least as brilliant as it is now. I would really enjoy keeping the server non-toxic and safe - especially for new players. I always try to see both sides of every story and will do everything in my power to remain unbiased. I think that the least I could do to give back to Loka is to become part of its moderation, as well as be a positive role model for new players. I have a strong knowledge of Loka and its community and I really hope to make a difference and aid in what makes Loka so great.

When you started playing on the server: May 17, 2018

Time Zone: GMT

How often do you play (Hours a day/ week): 20+ hours a week

Discord Tag: Curlyy#8689


New Member
+1, Curlyy is probably one of the nicest and most helpful players I have met on Loka. She spends her time on Loka helping new players in her town, designing builds, and making the chat a more friendly place. Curlyy's overall positive attitude and outlook on the server makes her a perfect candidate for Sentry.


Curlyy is an extremely nice person that is a wealth of knowledge. Whenever I need help building or an extra set of eyes to look over something Curlyy is always willing to help. She is extremely positive and friendly. These qualities would make her a great Sentry.


Active Member
Community Rep
+1 kind hardworking active player who has been around for a while, has a great understanding of the server from both conquest and owning a town for quite a long time- make her sentry!
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