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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Reddew98, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Just a short list of the items that I noticed while playing Loka:

    Town Owner Chat

    I mean, some things you just don't want your member(s) hearing. There are private discords and everything but it can be a pain to have a town owner conversation on discord while in game. Doesn't need to be fancy with its own live chat in the Loka Discord.

    Useless Protected Item Shop

    Lets be real here, for some biomes and territories the embargoed item doesn't do much anymore (if it ever did). Perhaps there could be a vendor at spawn buying these items for relatively cheap (1-2 shards per item). This wouldn't give these items a permanent use but it would give them a reason to be gathered none the less. (The items could always be removed when a use is implemented into the game). Some of these resources could include:
    - Beetroot
    - Apples
    - Reg Ice
    - And prob a couple more I cant currently think of.

    Couple more town perks for levelling up

    Basic stuff:
    - Inf Firework Perk while in town (Elytraing)
    - Less item durability taken while in town (Explains itself)
    - Neutral Mobs while in town (IK there is the territory perk but this would only take effect in the Home Block, allows people to see mobs and target certain ones while remaining at ease).
    - More advanced zones (Sounds complicated but rly its just zones where you can toggle certain perms for different levels. Something like members can place TNT in a certain region while not being able to in the town and zone priority over other zones).

    Town Block Checking

    Not much to recommend here other then showing how many items were taken out when (As far as I know you can only check who took out a certain block not how many of that block they took out).

    Not gonna add a poll as you can post your opinion in more detail below.

    Thanks, Red
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    The issue with this is most items like ice and beetroot you can make automatic or close to farms that would basically be like printing money if you have a guaranteed trade option at spawn. I do agree with giving them more uses though.

    We have discussed this in the past and don't want to do it as we like resource sinks even if that is just tools.

    This should be possible to do already.

    Agree with the firework perk and the additions to zoning. Good feedback though, appreciate it. :)

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