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Capital Updates!


Staff member
Greetings and congratulations to our new Capitals! We have some updates to announce and some info on the policies that can be chosen by the continental capitals soon.

For starters, we've changed how becoming World Capital works. Instead of it being awarded by votes, World Capital is earned by the strongest capital of the three capitals that win. Basically, highest strength number. For December, this will be Amberfell.

The voting will remain, except it will accomplish a different goal. To start with, all Continental Capitals get to choose 2 of the 6 Policies listed below. At the end of the voting period, the percentage of votes a capital gets will allocate them extra Policy Picks:
  • If a Capital earns 75% or more of the votes, it gets an extra 3 Extra Policy Picks
  • 50% or more is 2 Extra Policy Picks
  • 25% or more is 1 Extra Policy Pick
It was our feeling that to earn capital, but then lose World Capital due to it being just a popularity contest seemed to simply nullify your efforts not only to win your continent, but to earn more strength than everyone else on in the World.

So aside from the "Top Hall", the World Capital gets additional perks:
  • The World Capital gets to choose one of three Global Policies. These affect the entirety of Loka whereas the regular Capital policies affect their respective continents only.
  • And the BIG ONE: The World Capital gets to leave a permanent mark on Loka by getting to implement a feature of their choosing into Loka permanently. The World Capital will get to sit down with the admin team and come up with a feature to add to loka (within obvious reason) and that feature will be a permanent addition to Loka. A good example might be the recent discussions of adding a /search feature that allows you to inspect other players' inventories.

So, as for the Policies, we're still figuring out the Global Policies, but here are the 6 options for continental policies that each of the three capitals will get to choose from:
  • Greater Taxation - All capitals tax their continents foreign towns at 5% of their daily generator cost. Selecting this policy will increase the tax rate to 10%.
  • Hell on Loka - Nether mobs now have a chance to spawn on your continent.
  • Arbor Day - You institute an effective lockdown on Trees specific to your continent. If you select this policy, only players in your Alliance will receive the usual tree blocks drops when Logs/Leaves are broken. Every other player will receive Oak Logs and Oak Leaves instead of, for example, Spruce/Dark Oak in Kalros.
  • Continental Guard - Capital-faction aggressive mobs will now randomly spawn throughout your continent and will attack players not in your Alliance. These will be Human NPC's (like the Horseman, for example). They'll be harder than your average mob but aren't 'boss-mobs' by any means.
  • Capital Airline - An Airship has moored near the Capital Halls (coming soon) and functions much like the current Boats do. You can now warp in an industry-like building that is an Airship Dock. Any player in your Alliance can take the Airship to and from Spawn to the Capital.
  • Nether Access - Nether Portals built in towns allied to the Capital will now take you to the Nether Island directly. This is a one-way trip, however, so you'll still need to take boat back to spawn.

As for Capital Halls, our Build Team is currently building these. Within spawn, nestled in the mountains behind the Windmill, a set of three buildings will arrive that will be occupied by the three Capitals and adorned in their town banners. A section of the interior of each hall will be editable by each Capital so they can throw a bit of their own personal flair inside the building.

That's it for now! We'll update once we have the Global Policy selections available.

Go Forth!