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Brandonzx3 for PVE Dev

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Age: 17
Current rank: Settler
Which role you are applying for: PVE Dev
Why you think you should become this role:
I think that I should be a PvE Dev because there aren't that many quests right now and I want to make the questing on Loka great again. I would like to write a bunch of new quests and also would like to create Mythic Mobs since I have experience in creating custom mobs before. I really think that Loka quests could be much better in terms of the day-to-day quests like the Aladran Sweetbread quest and fishing quest at spawn. Right now PVE in general feels a bit forgotten about other than the major events like Yuletide and Nethers Eve, which are quite fun. I want to change this by focusing on more quests in general.
When you started playing on the server: January 5th, 2019
Time zone: CST
How often do you play (hours a day/week): ~1-2 Hours Daily
Favourite NPC on Loka: The Lore NPC In The Library (Lydia)
Example of a quest you would write if you were accepted:
Something that I would like to work on if I were accepted would be more dynamic NPCs that could move around the world based off events that happen. An NPC could be in a wilderness tile and a town could be founded there. The NPC would then walk away onto another tile. This could also happen in other places depending on how far in a questline you are.


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+1 Brandon is well qualified to fit the role of PvE and has good ideas/ambition. Would certainly make a good fit for the role and has plenty to bring to the table.
Not open for further replies.